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eCommerce Reorder Options and Marketing 

Using eCommerce reordering to increase sales and buyer satisfaction

ReorderingWe all know that it is easier and cheaper to retain an eCommerce customer than acquire a new one. And there are numerous ways to keep current customers interested and buying. One strategy to continue making sales to your current customers is to offer and pitch reordering. The customer already knows they like it, they will need more of it in the future and your business has come through and provided it before. Reordering can be a win for everyone.


A great way to encourage reordering is enabling customers to make a favorites list as part of their customer account. Being able to quickly view and access their favorite items that they are interested in or have purchased before makes it that much easier for customers to find the favorite item that they want and add it to their cart to buy for the first time or reorder for the fifth.

One click reorderOne Click Reorder

When it comes to reordering, it is best to make the process as simple and easy as possible for the customer. One of the better ways to do so is to offer one click reordering. Setting up an order history tab in customer accounts lets customer quickly find and view their past and recent orders. At the bottom of each order history page, input a reorder button. This saves customers from having to go through your site and find the products they want to purchase again. This option works especially great for B2B buyers who tend to have to order the same supplies every few months. 

Taking this concept one step further, you can also activate subscription capabilities for your eCommerce store, storing payment and allowing the customer to choose how frequently they will need to replenish the item. For many, having your products show up on time every month without having to remember to complete the purchase could be a great feature.

“Time to Reorder” Emails 

One of the best ways to handle reorder marketing for consumable or disposable goods is through email. Setting your customers on a timeline, knowing when they ordered their product, when they received it, and how long it should last helps you time reorder or replenishment emails perfectly. The first email should be sent about a week before their product is expected to run out. Letting them know that their product is almost gone and maybe even including a small discount in this first email encourages them to reorder before they run out. If they don’t respond or reorder, you can keep sending marketing emails correlating to the timeline. After they have supposedly been out for a week or so, you can send an email with a larger discount encouraging them to replenish their item. It’s a good idea to save the large discounts for your final efforts of getting the customer to reorder.

Marketing Email“Buy One for a Friend” Email 

Many items that are reordered tend to be disposable. However, you can still get customers to reorder items that are expected to be usable for a long time. For example, say a customer has purchased your product, they may have even left a review saying how great it is and that everyone should try one. In an effort to draw the customer in and encourage them to spend more, you could send a marketing email suggesting that they buy one for a friend, providing a link where they can reorder their previous purchase. Getting loyal customers to gift your items to friends helps increase sales and can expand your customer base.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we know how valuable reordering can be for both B2B and B2C businesses. We have helped numerous clients make it simple for their customers to reorder from our clients’ eCommerce sites. Our team of experts has created one-click order buttons and built in favorites modules to help some of our clients’ customers to reorder in a snap. To find out more about how Clarity can make it easier for your customers to reorder or for more tips on how to get customers to reorder, call or click to contact us today!