Microsoft Dynamics CRM eCommerce Sales Reporting and Analytics


Clarity Ventures is based on solid business workflows that include sales reports. Running reliable eCommerce sales reports and analytics starts with having the right software for the job. The software you use needs to be customized, based on solid technologies and able to facilitate communication between many different departments in a way that ensures that data is always accurate, up to date and relevant to the most important aspects of the business.

For B2B eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce sales reports and analytics for marketing have to be specialized. They need to include information about which sales campaigns resulted in the highest amounts of revenue for the company, which marketing campaigns failed and which ones bear more work. These statistics can be delivered directly to the people who need them and they can be those same statistics that are generated by the site, in real time, with no danger of errors resulting from human data entry.

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For Online Sales Accounting

eCommerce sales reports and analytics serve a very different role for accountants. The data they get has to reflect the amounts that were sold, the tax that was paid and the costs of shipping and processing. Accounting is about more than tracking sales. It's about making sure that the costs of doing businesses are accurately represented in the reports generated and that taxes are paid on time and in the correct amounts. This is one area where substandard software is hazardous.

For Business to Business Shipping

eCommerce sales reports and analytics are even important for shipping.

eCommerce sales reports and analytics are even important for shipping. These reports help order fulfillment departments to determine how fast they're getting items out to the people who ordered them and how efficient the process is. When all of this data is taken together and used by all the departments involved, it's possible for a business to make sure that their order process is efficient, cost-effective and that it satisfies customers.

Development and Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

eCommerce sales reports and analytics oftentimes have to be generated by using several different software systems together. With the right programming, all of these can be integrated into one very efficient whole.

Whether you need eCommerce solutions that integrate QuickBooks with your eCommerce sales data or your site data with customer relationship management software like Microsoft Dynamics, we can help you get there. With good development skills, a desire to make sure that the customer has exactly the right software for their needs and a solid reputation, we're ready to create the solutions that will help you do business at the next level.

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