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What You Need to Know About SLA Support

Clarity Can Help You With eCommerce

SLA support Clarity understands how important it is to have a solid SLA. Having a suitable eCommerce service level agreement support ensures that your business always has a helping hand with the software you've purchased. This agreement means that the designers will be there to render assistance when you need it and also ensures that you get the most out of the system that you paid for.

Online Support for B2B eCommerce

An eCommerce service level agreement will usually include online support as its most basic option. Luckily, this is oftentimes the best option. When questions don't need to be answered immediately or when there is more than one question, sometimes sending an email is the best way to go. This allows you to get a written response that you can use for your records and to which you can refer when you're making changes to your site.

SLA Ticket Ticket Support and Customer Service

Support tickets are among the best ways to bet rapid response on an eCommerce service level agreement support system. These allow you to create an event and to submit it to the programmers. They review the ticket and get back to your clients ASAP with the information you need and make follow up calls if required. This is a great option for emergency situations and, in some cases, the mix of written and verbal support is a huge help.

Phone Support and Real Time Response

An eCommerce service level support agreement oftentimes comes with phone support. Sometimes, you just need to speak with someone on the phone to get your issues resolved. When this is the case, it's easiest to call in and speak with someone live so that they can help you work your way through the problem step by step. This type of support is the one usually most valued by clients because of its immediacy and because it allows the highest degree of interaction with technicians.

SLA Design Redesign for B2B Sales

Sometimes a support agreement will covert some level of modification or redesign, particularly if something has been highly customized. In these instances, you'll have to speak with designers and technicians to determine what needs to be done to resolve your issues.

Clarity Can Help

Having the right support agreement is imperative to getting the most out of your eCommerce system. It offers you assistance when you need it and ensures that you don't end up without someone there to help you when you need to figure out if there's something about the site that needs to be changed or used differently. For the past decade, Clarity has helped over 800+ clients with their eCommerce businesses. To speak with one of our experts about what Clarity can do for your eCommerce business, call or click to contact us today!