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The Benefits of a Single-Sign on System for eCommerce

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single sign-on The concept of an eCommerce single sign-on system, like the one that Clarity Ventures provides, is gaining more popularity these days. A single sign-on system is a simple feature with powerful implications, particularly for businesses that operate multiple eCommerce sites. If your business has a network of sites that consumers can visit to make purchases, this is something you may want to consider adding to your eCommerce system.

Convenience for the eCommerce Customer

An eCommerce single sign-on system allows a customer to sign onto one central server and, after having signed in, to gain access to all of your different sites. For businesses that have several different departments within their same brand or that have several different sites within the same brand, this ensures that the customer does not have to log in and log out over and over again to shop. An eCommerce single sign-on system can be built with the same high levels of security as can any other sign-in solution.

reduced complexity Single Sign-On Systems for Reduced Complexity

The eCommerce single sign-on system also has benefits for the company itself. Instead of having to manage several different sites with a host of different usernames and passwords, the company needs to manage only one site that acts as a central clearinghouse for all of their customer information. Even though enterprise eCommerce solutions can be built so that information is seamlessly shared between several different software applications, a single sign-on system will streamline this process even further, to the point where it is truly amazing how much work can get done in a short amount of time.

Information Benefits for the Business-to-Business Customer

Ideally, an enterprise eCommerce solution communicates the information it receives about customers throughout an organization in ways that allow the different departments to make use of that information instantly. When there are various sites that are providing that information, a layer of complexity is created that does not need to exist. An eCommerce single sign-on system allows businesses to draw the information from one central server, making it easier to distribute across all of the different departments that have an interest in that information.

Added Security Enhances eCommerce Convenience

Professional designers can ensure that your system is secure and that your customers have nothing to worry about. Because of this, it is possible to create a network of sites that is very convenient for your customers and that ensures they can move back and forth between the different sites without any difficulty at all or any unnecessary complications related to maintaining multiple usernames and passwords.

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