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Why You Should Consider Site Search Filtering and Sorting for Your eCommerce Site

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site search Clarity Ventures provides site search filtering, an essential feature for large or growing companies. eCommerce site search filtering and sorting is a necessity when a site hits a certain size, because the site becomes filled with more and more items that customers will have to sort through to find what they want. If customers have to manually sort through a lot of items that they don’t want, they're less likely to stick around and try to find the items that they do want. Advanced filtering and sorting options help them to get to the products that they want and to buy them.

The Convenience of Built-In Site-Search Filtering and Sorting Technology

A professional Clarity eCommerce designer can add eCommerce site-search filtering and sorting options to your site that make it possible for customers to find exactly what they need by using easy links to do the filtering. These features are designed in a way that anyone can figure them out and that ensures that users don't have trouble dealing with too many listings. Programmers can install any kind of filters needed. For some sites, filters that allow items to be sorted by price are appropriate and, in other cases, different filters may be needed.

site filter eCommerce Site-Search Filters and Their Usefulness

Filters allow users to add criteria to their search to make sure they're getting results that are as close to what they want as possible. Because Internet users are already accustomed to search engines, it's easy to get them to use these features and they appreciate them because of the convenience they offer. These are ways that your site can offer a higher level of customer service without actually adding anything expensive at all, though it is certainly a substantial addition in terms of usefulness!

The Speed of DotNetNuke and ASP.Net Searches

With technologies such as DotNetNuke, ASP.Net, .Net and others, you can be sure that e-commerce site-search filtering and sorting is going to be fast and that using the features won't bog your site down for your users. These features—far from being so complex that they are confusing or from slowing down the site—make it faster and easier for users to get the site to give them the information that they want.

Clarity Can Help

eCommerce site-search filtering and sorting can be integrated into existing sites for a better user experience. If you're interested in it, you can ask a developer about how to have it done and about the many options for tailoring it to your business needs. It's one of the best—and easiest—ways to go about making your site a better place to shop. To talk with one of our eCommerce professionals about your project, call or click to contact us today!