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What is a Mega Menu?

Mega Menus are drop-down menus typically showcasing key items within a very large pool of options. They're typically a clean visual layout of otherwise deep and hard to navigate topics. Mega menus benefit from the ability to engage the visitor immediately during the navigation process. They're also viewable on every page which gives them the ability to provide seamless integration across topics and consistency throughout the visitors experience on the site.

Why are Mega Menus so Beneficial?

Today, websites tend to cover deeper and more in-depth topics; thus the mega menu truly offers the visitor a singular point of "diving into" otherwise hard to find content. Regarding eCommerce sites, there may be 1-10,000,000 SKUs of products in different categories with granular data backing the offering such as categorical data, product technical bulletins, product specification, product reviews, related items, etc. Mega menus allow visitors to immediately see all categories, rollover interesting ones, and then see drill-down into the appropriate data. Older "fly out" menus simply do not offer the same level of interactivity and imagery to help smooth the navigation process.

In addition to offering an improved user experience, mega menus tend to offer a better indexed site for eCommerce SEO and website search optimization. For a search engine to index a site and its pages, it has to first find the links to all the content on the site as quickly and efficiently as possible. Believe it or not, search engines have limited resources for indexing sites and keeping their directory that constitutes what is up to date. Enabling a clean, but in-depth set of links (which a mega menu does) at the top of every page allows search engines to quickly and easily index site content without having to cull through thousands and thousands of lines of otherwise "useless" (to the Search Engines) HTML and JavaScript code.

How are Mega Menus being used today?

eCommerce and web site Mega Menu usage is on the rise. According to one popular CMS (Content Management System), they've seen an increase in mega menu usage of 400% over the past 24 months. This trend is also driving many eCommerce and website platforms to incorporate Mega Menus into their core offering--making the mega menu a "respected citizen" within the website developer's toolkit. It's no question as to why the mega menu continues to gain ground. 

Your Mega Menu Expert, Clarity

Of course, these mega menus must be configured appropriately to give you the added benefits of an improved user experience, better search engine optimization, and a cleaner layout. At Clarity, we are your mega menu expert. Feel free to speak with a Clarity consultant (800.928.8160), and better understand how your business can grow or fill out our form for a free quote.

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