ERP Integration Enhances NetSuite Data

After blowing past their projected Q2 earnings this year, NetSuite proves to be an improbable contender in the enterprise software space. NetSuite’s scalable, real time, industry specific solution encompasses aspects of accounting, Clarity specializes in NetSuite integrationsCRM, ERP, inventory, and eCommerce—all under the same roof. Often times when companies switch data management systems, pivotal business information remains scattered across various data warehouses. This unconsolidated data can make it increasingly difficult for executives and directors to make accurate decisions, and ultimately grow their businesses.

Dirty data, or data quality is an all too common problem in most enterprise organizations. Information is initially stored in one hub or partially forwarded to another, then teams acquire the “next best” software tool out there, and vital components become even more dispersed. Companies are all too quick to upgrade the tool, but forget to upgrade the data at the same time. Luckily, Clarity is an industry leader in aggregating data, improving data quality, solving problems, and helping business leaders execute their strategic initiatives.

NetSuite integration - dirty data quality improved by Clarity integration platformPoolsure, a leader in chemical treatment products and services for commercial aquatic facilities, faced a tricky conundrum of housing their critical data in three distinct silos. MySQL, NetSuite, and Access were the separate databases managing and independently operating Poolsure’s critical business information. Upper management faced difficulties viewing this data and managing its users—specifically granting appropriate responsibility permissions to different types of employees. They were looking for a single solution whereas their program managers could enter their client service requests, both scheduled and emergency, and the back-end solution would automatically assign the necessary chemicals and service route for each serviceman, optimizing the time needed to service their clients, lowering their fuel consumption and improving their perpetual chemicals inventory.

ERP | NetSuite Database Integration - Clean DataOnce Poolsure consulted with Clarity, they both identified that through an in-depth integration, it would be possible to have a viewable all-in-one dashboard that would be the most impactful solution. Now complete, this dashboard allows management to view the data from separate databases (MySQL, NetSuite, and Access), all in one simplified view.

After the implementation, Poolsure was able to successfully consolidate their data in one concise place, grant different users’ unique permissions based on their unique specifications, and maximize their business efficiencies—all in the cloud. Clarity helped integrate all of the data sets, and create a real-time dashboard that made it easy for executives to make intelligent business decisions.

Now with over 16,000+ clients, NetSuite proves to take a bigger slice of pie out of the enterprise software market. Clarity can help NetSuite clients develop a more modern, efficient, and clear way of handling their day to day business operations. Feel free to have a complimentary conversation with a Clarity consultant and learn how we can help drive your business through better and automated business processes.