ExpressionEngine: Professionally-Backed, Open Source CMS

ExpressionEngine for eCommerce Web Development

Is ExpressionEngine the right choice for your B2B eCommerce needs?

ExpressionEngine CMSExpressionEngine is EllisLab’s open source CMS. Though a free version is available, a commercial license is required for the full version. ExpressionEngine uses a system of channels to store information, and templates store page markup. Because content and templates are stored separately, a wider range of customization and extensibility is available. ExpressionEngine is best-suited to companies seeking personalized, beyond-the-box options for their customer-facing website and back-end functionality specifically tailored to their internal processes.

Extensible, Scalable Content Management

With proper customization by developers and designers, content creators can quickly jump into an easy-to-understand method of content management. Users love that EngineExpression allows for content creation tools that meet their unique needs.

CustomizationExpressionEngine is built on PHP with a MySQL database engine, making the platform highly accessible to developers and compatible with browsers across the web. Both front-end and back-end team members have numerous opportunities for creativity within a scalable and extensible framework.

Instead of forcing designers to create design elements to work within a preexisting theme, ExpressionEngine affords complete control over the front-end design of websites. Without constraints on front-end appearance and functionality, designers can create the exact solution that clients need.

A Closer Look at ExpressionEngine’s Features

ExpressionEngine's unique features are ideal for companies who need a high level of customization:

  • Security
  • Since the code behind open-source CMSs is available to anyone, these types of content management systems can often fall victim to security issues. Not so with EngineExpression engine. EngineExpression has a reputation for security thanks to its team of full-time, paid developers.

  • Customized Content Creation
  • With ExpressionEngine, you can create custom entry fields for each type of content page or section. Any fields that users don’t need can be eliminated for a streamlined content entry process. Expression Engine also allows you to tailor content creation to your editorial workflow; you can add customized statuses and color code as well.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Developers have the ability to modify the client-facing control panel, so that users can make updates based on needed functionality. With relevant options clearly delineated, users can make exactly the changes intended and avoid accidentally making unwanted and possibly damaging modifications to the code.

  • Add-ons and Support
  • For-purchase add-ons and plugins provide quick ways to build on your own design and code. As an open-source platform, any developer within the community can contribute to the software. EngineExpression also has several levels of customer support for purchase, and with a team of professional developers at the helm, any problems with community-contributed features can be quickly resolved.

Clarity Can Help

For eCommerce companies seeking a community CMS platform with a professional framework, ExpressionEngine is an excellent choice. If you’ve selected your CMS solution, your next step is eCommerce integration. The Clarity team has nearly a decade of experience integrating our custom-built Clarity eCommerce™ platform with content management systems, including ExpressionEngine. When it comes to customizing eCommerce integration to meet your needs, Clarity can’t be beat. Contact us today!

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