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hipaa compliant extranet development for websites and online portalsJust as you need to keep any websites and intranets with confidential patient data HIPAA compliant, your organization will need the same for your extranet.

Of course, extranets are computer networks which allow for controlled access from other parties such as customers or other organizations. This is as important as any other property to make compliant with HIPAA, because of the "public" nature of extranets.

HIPAA Compliance with Clarity Extranets

In general, HIPAA compliant extranets need to adhere to these rules:

  • Protect the privacy of individual health information
  • Provide the necessary security to protect the privacy of individual health information
  • Provide standardization of electronic data interchange in health care transactions

Clarity extranets offer state-of-the-art web technology to our Clients while ensuring that they don't ever need to worry about compliance violations.

Custom Development of Company Extranet Portals

While HIPAA compliant company extranet portals all need similar compliance and stadard functionality specifications, each organization also needs customized features to adhere to their unique needs and processes. This is where Clarity shines. Custom solutions for Clients with unique needs are our specialty, and there is no issue that is unsolvable for our team of seasoned developers. With over 300 years in combined experience, when you work with Clarity you work with one of the most experienced teams in the industries.

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Most if not all of Clarity's success can be attributed to the level of talent that we bring on year in and year out. When you work with Clarity to improve your company's web systems, you can feel rest assured that you are in the hands of industry experts and some of the most capable individuals in the industry. You can learn more about our team here.

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