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hipaa compliance for intranet websites and employee portalsYour business or medical practice values security, compliance with your industry regulations, and the confidentiality of your customers' or patients' information. However, you keep much of this data on computers and online portals, which are susceptible to hacking or leakage if not properly protected.


Intranets are a popular solution for organizations that require a way to share files, data, documents, etc. with other employees or organizations. They also make for a great storage solution of information that needs to be resurfaced later.

Protect Patient Data in a HIPAA Compliant Intranet

The requirements for a HIPAA compliant intranet are obviously very different from the normal website. However in general, all HIPAA compliant properties need to be in line with these three requirements:

  • Protect the privacy of individual health information
  • Provide the necessary security to protect the privacy of individual health information
  • Provide standardization of electronic data interchange in health care transactions

Clarity Intranet Solutions

Here are some of the features included in a Clarity intranet compliant with HIPAA standards:

  • Secure web server with 128bit SSL encryption
  • Real-time server monitoring
  • Secure IDs and strong passwords
  • Defined user hierarchy and authority levels
  • Full permission controls according to user hierarchy
  • Session time out after 30 minutes
  • The ability to disable user-specific cookies
  • The ability of users to change their own password
  • Complete, un-editable activity log for security audits

You can feel safe with Clarity as a secure and compliant patient portal or intranet provider. We have delivered HIPAA compliant solutions for many Clients, and our additional expertise in back end development and customization ensures that your company gets exactly what it needs on its intranet for several years to come.

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