How Sharepoint Implementation Can Benefit Your Business

Improved Efficiency and Communication Make Sharepoint Integration a Good Investment

Collaboration and organization with Microsoft's management software can reduce costs while making life easier for employees.

Microsoft Sharepoint integration with Clarity Ventures

Utilizing Microsoft’s collaboration and document management platform, Sharepoint, is one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency and communication within an organization. Whether Sharepoint is optimized as an intranet, extranet or Internet site, the entire purpose is to improve workflow and strengthen connections by providing a consistent user experience.

The software now boasts more than 100 million licenses being used by the world's most prominent companies, including the UPS Store, Procter & Gamble and Dell Financial Services. The widespread appeal of the enterprise content management system lies in its versatility and flexibility, which delivers a range of internal and external benefits that are completely customizable to meet every business’ unique needs.

Enhance Productivity to Reduce Costs

Sharepoint integration for increased productivity

The biggest benefit to implementing Sharepoint is the improvement of organizational efficiency. An independent survey conducted by Brother International Corporation found that every full-time employee throws away one week annually searching for misplaced documents, amounting to an $89 billion loss for businesses. The Sharepoint platform excels at streamlining daily processes and providing easy access to common tools, which naturally leads to enhanced productivity.

The document management function is the foundation of the web-based intranet system, which serves as a centralized portal for storing and sharing files. Sharepoint is equipped with a robust taxonomy feature that enables businesses to classify and organize files in numerous ways. It is also stocked with powerful search capabilities that helps users find the right information quickly.

Assurance of Records Compliance

Alongside the ability to create and store files is the capacity to mark the receipt of documents as well as review, approve and audit records. This not only makes complex processes more manageable, but it also ensures that regulatory compliance requirements are upheld. Instant access to the most updated, relevant files also guarantees that every employee is on the same page.

Increased Transparency in Internal Communication

A review of top-level CEOs by Deloitte and Touche Human Capital found that 95 percent of respondents cite effective internal communication as a top factor for success. Yet only 22 percent believe important information is successfully shared with employees. Sharepoint helps bridge this expansive gap between what needs to happen and what is actually occurring by providing an interactive platform that employees are excited to tune into.

The system is outfitted with collaborative functions for shared calendars and email alerts, company newsletters and announcements as well as upcoming events and quick links to common applications. With the right tools at hand, employees are able to make informed decisions that benefit the overall mission and strategic plan of the company.

A Fully Customizable System to Meet Individual Needs

Sharepoint is a fully customizable solution. Businesses that roll out the platform straight from the box are missing out on the rich features that can be tailored to address their unique needs, processes and philosophies. One of the program's many strengths is its ability to produce custom forms that employees can complete offline, online or via the internal email system. Additionally, the captivating visuals can be leveraged to reflect an organization's branding and style standards. This reinforcement of consistent messaging boosts employee buy-in of the brand.

Building Business Intelligence

Sharepoint integratoin with Clarity Ventures helps build business intelligence.

There is a vast difference between passively collecting data and actively utilizing the information to steer the direction of your business. With its in-depth collection tools, richly interactive data sorting capabilities and visually engaging display options, Sharepoint has the potential to provide breakthrough insights that take your company to the next level. Best of all, every employee has access to these valuable statistics so that they have a concrete guide while developing informed goals and crafting strategic objectives that are the most likely to succeed.

Connecting with Engaged Communities

Businesses can extend the functionality of Sharepoint by integrating it into their external web-based applications. The platform can serve as a complete content management system for quickly building websites, publishing blogs, crafting wikis and distributing email messages. Customers and vendors can login to password-protected portals that enable them to access PDF files, submit service requests, create troubleshooting tickets and launch chat sessions with employees. This level of responsiveness is greatly appreciated by outside partners, who are more likely to feel valued and engaged.

Implementing Sharepoint with a Knowledgeable Partner

Maximizing the benefits of Sharepoint requires developing a vision for how the enterprise platform will integrate with your organization’s culture. As a Microsoft partner, Clarity can perform a Sharepoint integration as part of your project with us, whether you are implementing Clarity eCommerce, launching a new website, or integrating your other business systems. Contact our expert team for a free consultation to understand how Clarity can help elevate your business operations.