HTML5 is Improved and Updated

HTML5 Overview

HTML5 is the newest version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). With the ongoing changes and advancements of the internet, HTML5 was created to meet the growing needs of web developers. Because of its versatility, great usability, and new features, HTML5 is being adopted by many and is becoming the new standard for web development. The benefits have enhanced overall user experience and facilitated development. Here are five notable features that HTML5 has to offer.


HTML5 Features

HTML5 New Structure

New Structure

HTML5 offers a new way to structure the overall framework of a web page. New tags, such as the section tag and footer tag, are now being incorporated. Going beyond div tags with attributes, HTML5 is much more readable, making the development process much quicker and easier for a developer, and supports elements of the page much more effectively.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop feature is browser native. Prior to this feature, complex capabilities were possible by using libraries such as jQuery or JavaScript to create immersive user interfaces. Now that this is an HTML feature, the hassles are removed and it is much easier to code. The drag and drop allows users to click and hold an element so that it can be dragged to another location. This function is great for applications and sites with sophisticated creativeness.

HTML5 Drag and Drop

Video and Audio Support

With the use of video and audio tags, video and audio can be played within the browser. Previously, to run these media files, third-party plugins and flash players had to be installed within the browser. This required more work for users. Another issue with this is the continual updates required, which also causes an inconvenience. The video and audio features eliminate the need for any sort of outside installation. In addition, video and audio can have attributes like an image, so that height, width, and more can be altered to create a custom look and feel for any website.



Geo-location capability is a new, amazing feature in HTML5. It allows website that use location-based features to know where you are and customize the user experience based on your location. This customization creates more value for the user by making it relevant to them. Geo-location can be applied to locate surrounding places, information on the current location, and more. In addition, HTML5 works well with mobile, which widely use location capabilities.

Download Attributes

Download Attribute

The download attribute feature makes it possible to download files by clicking on them, without being navigated to a new page. This features supplements the "a href" attribute by notifying the resource that the "a href" points to a file directly rather than to another page. This is really handy in instances where it is important to prevent the user from leaving your webpage; this will help reduce user fall off. In addition, it also can make downloading much easier for a user. With the download attribute, you can also give the file a meaningful, user-friendly file name rather than an obscure, automatically generated one.

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