Importance of Owning Your Channel in B2B eCommerce | Clarity

Why You Need to Own Your B2B eCommerce Channel

The perks of owning your B2B eCommerce distribution channel

B2B eCommerce channelYou already own your own business, why wouldn’t you want to own your own distribution channel and the technology your eCommerce business is built on? As B2B eCommerce continues to evolve, so must your business. If you are stuck using someone else’s selling channels, such as Amazon or eBay, your business could be failing behind. Owning your own channel gives your business flexibility and control along with the ability to customize how the channel works. You are also able to properly cultivate your customer relationships and get to learn about your customers wants and needs without having to use a middleman.

Flexibility & Control 

Two of the main reasons to own your channel are flexibility and control. When you own your B2B business’s eCommerce channel you have to ability to control how it works and is handled. You control how products are advertised and displayed, as well as the overall look and layout of your eCommerce site. You also have to flexibility to change your channel as you see fit. If you notice a certain technique, selling strategy or setup isn’t working, you can easily change that, which normally can’t be done if you are using someone else’s channel to sell your products. You can change or add something, such as mobile eCommerce, without having to wait for the business running the eCommerce channel to catch onto the trend.

B2B eCommerce channel customizationCustomization

Another reason to own your own eCommerce channel and platform is the ability to customize it. Unlike eCommerce channels that allow multiple sellers to sell their products, your eCommerce channel can be completely customized to your business. Your business name and products will be the only ones displayed on your channel. You can make it look however you want and you can change the layouts and categories as you see fit. Owning your channel makes it possible to customize it to work best for you, your B2B business, and your customers.

Customer Relationships

Finally, owning your own B2B eCommerce channel allows you to own the seller-buyer relationship with your customers. Instead of having to go through a middleman, you get to be in charge of the relationship. You will have their contact information and can send them direct information and order quotes. And beyond that, you will also have access to their customer habits and browsing and buying data. You will get to see what they are viewing on your site and are potentially interested in buying.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we understand how valuable it can be to own your own distribution channels and the technologies that your B2B eCommerce business uses to run them. For nearly a decade Clarity has been creating and implementing custom eCommerce solutions for our clients. We have built numerous eCommerce sites and applications to help both B2C and B2B companies cultivate relationships with and sell to their customers. To find out more about custom development by Clarity, call or click to contact us today!