Importance of Selecting an eCommerce Platform Built for Integration

Choosing an eCommerce Platform that Can Handle Integrations

Integrating eCommerce with the past, present and future of your business



The integration of your eCommerce platform with your business systems, social media accounts, and other applications can have a profound impact on your business. With today’s technologies, integrations can help your business run quicker, smoother, and more efficiently. The eCommerce platform that you choose to use for your eCommerce site needs to have the capabilities to integrate with your applications and business systems, past, present and future ones.



Integrating eCommerce with the Past

The eCommerce platform that you choose needs to be able to integrate with your legacy business systems. Legacy systems are older and outdated but most companies continue to use them because they were custom developed to handle their business’s processes. Not all eCommerce platforms make it easy to integrate older business systems with the platform, so it is very important to find one that does. Being able to integrate your eCommerce platform with your legacy systems can help information to be easily shared between the two systems and diminish the need to manually input data.



Integration with business systemsIntegrating eCommerce with the Present

It is vital to your business that your eCommerce platform can easily integrate with your current business systems and applications. Integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP and CRM systems enable you to automate processes, share valuable information between systems, and easily manage customers and orders. Integrating your accounting and shipping software with your eCommerce platform can also help automate order processing, payment and shipment. If you choose an eCommerce platform that isn’t built for integration, all of these business processes listed would have to be completed manually by your staff, which can be a huge drain on time and resources as well as introducing the possibility for human error. Picking an eCommerce platform that was developed with integration in mind helps you handle all of your business needs today.



Integrating eCommerce with the Future

To be a successful eCommerce business, your business needs to not only be prepared for today but for the future as well. The eCommerce platform that you choose needs to flexible enough to be able to integrate with software and systems that have yet to be developed. While this may sound a bit daunting, you need to keep in mind that new software is continually being created, software that may soon help your business grow and succeed. If you choose an eCommerce platform that won’t be able to grow and handle your future your business needs, you may be doing your business a great disservice.



Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we understand how vital integration is for an efficient and successful eCommerce business. Our team at Clarity has decades of combined experience helping our clients integrate their business systems with their eCommerce platforms. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, was built with integration needs in mind. Our integration platform, Clarity Connect, helps you to easily integrate almost any software with your eCommerce platform. To find out more about how Clarity can help you choose an eCommerce platform that integrates well, call or click to contact us today!