Improve Inventory Management with Epicor Eagle Integration


Managing inventory is one of the biggest challenges for many B2B organizations. Finely tuned inventory control reduces operating costs and ensures greater product availability--which is especially important when B2B customers can place large orders at any time of day. That's why integration and automation are so important. Epicor Eagle eCommerce integration gives companies the most effective for controlling inventory with precision. 

Inventory Management with Epicor Eagle ERP Software

Maintaining and managing inventory can easily make the difference between success and business failure. Integration can automate reordering based on predefined levels, seasonal sales trends and the time needed to restock or manufacture replacement products. Staff members can view real-time information about sales orders, current inventory figures and technology-assisted estimates of product demand. 

Epicor Eagle ERP software offers a suite of management tools that allow companies to order efficiently, maximize profit potential and carry enough products to meet anticipated demand. The benefits of Epicor Eagle eCommerce integration include: 

  • Balancing Stock 
    Balancing company inventory strategically across stores and warehouses can reduce shipping costs. That can directly increase profits when B2B companies offer free shipping, reduce delivery times and benefit customers who pay their own shipping costs.
  • Automated Inventory-flow Analysis 
    Analyzing the flow of inventory helps to maintain an ongoing view of understocked and overstocked inventory. This allows company decision-makers or automated ordering utilities to optimize the quantities-on-hand, or QOH, in each store and warehouse.
  • Pricing Utility 
    Integration reduces warehouse labor by making it easy to make group price changes and updating the information everywhere it appears. The Pricing Planner feature uses information fr4om multiple sources such as competitors, average market price, store location and other factors to recommend a fair price that maximizes profit.
  • Lot Tracking 
    Lot tracking and traceability are essential when a company or its products are subject to government regulations. Tracking faulty products is equally important to a company's reputation. Integration makes it possible to find any product or component immediately to prevent recalls or reduce the number of faulty shipped items.
  • Connecting with Associates 
    To manage inventory efficiently, companies need reliable, fast and accurate suppliers. Sometimes, miscommunications delay an order, or inaccurate forecasts fail to identify seasonal demand. That's why an integrated platform can prove so valuable in inventory management. Integrated BI can identify market trends, and third-party direct connections with suppliers can eliminate inaccurate communications.
  • Maximizing Inventory of Your Most Profitable 
    Many companies stock products without a lot of planning, which results in an average of 65 percent of inventory invested in products that accounts for 15 percent of sales. [1] Integrated Epicor software can reduce the costs of hidden inventory and automate the purchase of more popular items that move quickly.
  • Identify Item Gross Margin Return on Investment 
    Item gross margin return on investment, or GMROI, is a major financial indicator that tracks movement against margin. Integrated Epicor software can track GMROI, identify winners and losers and help companies refine their ordering strategies.
  • Identify Products for Clearance 
    Some poorly performing products might be needed as essential components of product sets. Companies can keep a few of these products for unlikely order fulfillment, but larger inventories should be cleared from the shelves as gifts, incentives or deeply discounted items. Make room to increase inventory of popular and profitable items.
  • Eliminate Manual Errors 
    An astonishing 50 percent of out-of-stock items result from manual entry errors. Integration eliminates manual errors and supplies information in real-time to guide business decisions, reordering triggers and alerts to inventory management staff.
  • Manage the Purchase Order Process 
    Purchase orders can throw a monkey wrench into the manufacturing or reordering process. The long lead time of POs often result in companies having insufficient inventory to cover a large order or meet regular product demand after a big order is placed. integrated Epicor Eagle software increases accuracy and makes it possible to anticipate likely closing dates based on stakeholder approvals. It's increasingly easy to arrange restocking on the same day that a PO is completed.
  • Decrease Shipping Errors 
    Blind receiving is the process of not checking shipments against purchase orders. This approach saves time and money, but it can lead to shipping mistakes. Integration ensures accurate product counts. Eagle software can automatically correct errors in quantities, prices and freight charges using advanced integrated tools. these include bar scanners and RF scanner software.

More than $1.1 trillion is tied up in dead inventory along with accounts receivable and accounts payable. [2] About 46 percent of SMBs don't track inventory or use manual methods. [3] Epicor integration addresses each of these challenges and helps B2B companies minimize hidden inventory costs while maximizing availability of popular items. 

Integrating Epicor to Build a Dynamic Inventory Management System

Inventory management with Epicor Eagle depends on the eCommerce integration to get maximum performance from the software. The integration process can be greatly simplified by hiring the right developer to do the necessary coding, testing and routine platform maintenance. Clarity specializes in B2B integration and platform development to meet the challenges of today’s marketing practices and deliver user-friendly services to each customer. 


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