Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction with a Dynamics GP Integration



B2B organizations can improve sales & customer satisfaction with a Dynamics GP integration. There's no need to make major changes in existing systems because a custom integration can integrate multiple systems for manufacturing, customer relationship management, inventory, management and other customer-facing applications. Clarity Connect provides connectors for both eConnect and Web Services integrations with GP.

Enjoy a Full Suite of Customer Services

Delivering a seamless customer experience online can improve CRO, or conversion rate optimization, and strengthen loyalty. Automation is critical because only 4 percent of customers complain when they're dissatisfied. However, 95 percent of unhappy customers tell other people. [1] A custom integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP software can improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

The benefits of a custom integration not only improve customer satisfaction and engagement but also streamline internal operations. Internal benefits include:

  • Streamline internal and external communications
  • Organize and store records of vendors, customer accounts and part numbers
  • Analyze past financial dealings and forecast future trends using Dynamics GP General Ledger
  • Manage vouchers, purchase orders and accounts receivable
  • Reduce labor used for data entry, manual customer service and manufacturing inefficiencies

B2B decision-makers can improve customer engagement with an integrated portal Integration cuts costs internally while generating more income by delivering an outstanding customer experience throughout the buying journey. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers these customer engagement benefits:

Easy Connections

Increased Sales

  • B2B customers order more when they enjoy intuitive interfaces that remember their preferences. Integration makes it easier to find products, place orders and manage their accounts on mobile phones.

Customer Service Options

  • Customers can find answers to their questions using self-service features such as Live Chart, chatbots and links to information resources.

24/7 Customer Experience

  • Customers can order from any location at any time. They can find up-to-date account information, product details, supply chain data and the current status of their orders.

Bi-directional Communication Between Business Systems

  • Customers always get accurate information about inventory, incentives and restocking times. Quoted prices that are still valid always appear on invoices. Internet orders are disseminated directly into the ordering system so that pricing and product information are always accurate.

Error Identification

  • B2B companies can control key areas where errors occur such as mismatched prices or inaccurate delivery addresses. Identifying these risk areas is the kind of behind-the-scenes technology that customers don't necessarily know about, but they appreciate the results of seamless fulfillment.

Expedited Order Deliveries

  • Customers can connect directly with shippers to get highly accurate deliver information. Just like B2B companies, customers often rely of just-in-time restocking to satisfy their own business needs.

Special Services

  • B2B companies can use integration to deliver a custom experience to each customer or decision-maker in a committee buying system. Customers can receive custom displays and content on their interface or dedicated customer portal. Customers can personalize or configure their own products, request a price quote or negotiate a dynamic pricing deal. Customers can research products in greater depth, investigate suppliers for ethical lapses and connect with carriers directly.


  • Customers enjoy integration features such as automated calculations of taxes and duties, currency conversions, multiple payment options and easy product returns. Information about all transactions is automatically updated across the system.

The Case for a Custom Integration

Dynamics GP offers a Dynamics eCommerce integration for its CRM software so that customers can easily integrate their eCommerce stores and marketplaces. [3] However, a custom integration is necessary to incorporate all business applications into the system.

Savvy companies understand that choosing the right middleware solution--the API connector layer (like Clarity Connect)--helps to automate processes, speed processing and deliver expanded customer benefits.

The right developer can help companies enjoy the benefits of a full custom integration without all the associated costs of full development. Using the right coding resources and Microsoft Dynamics GP connectors, skilled developers can transform a point-to-point integration into a complete system that connects seamlessly to third-party resources and all internal business systems.

Choosing Development as an Investment

There are a lot of intuitive and effective ERP applications available for B2B eCommerce, and Microsoft Dynamics GP software ranks as one of the best. However, you won't get your full benefits unless you integrate the software thoroughly with your existing business applications in a custom integration. A custom integration is one of the wisest investments B2B decision-makers can make. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers you a choice of the features and modules that you want, and a Microsoft Dynamics Certified developer, like Clarity, specializes in modular development. Clarity can use Microsoft pre-built connectors to speed the integration of your Dynamics GP software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and your POS system, eCommerce store, 3PL systems and other applications.


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