Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction with Epicor Eagle


Epicor Eagle and an eCommerce integration seamlessly connects back-office software with the front-office eCommerce store. When all of a company’s business applications are fully integrated, greater automation and more customer-facing features are easy to bring online. Integration essentially means that each business application connects with every other one and can share information bidirectionally. 

Integration can automate many sales and service processes, improve the user experience, increase sales, collect holistic data about each customer and use it to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In-house staff also enjoy the many advantages of integration including greater operating efficiency, the ability to generate custom reports and the ability to trigger automated processes that reduce paperwork and staff labor. When necessary, sales or customer service staff can be notified to handle certain issues that require the human touch. 

The Challenges of Running a Web Store

B2B companies face many challenges when operating a web store with hundreds or thousands of SKUs. It's important to automate as many processes as possible such as content, catalog and supply chain management. Integration offers many administrative benefits such as being able to generate invoices at any time or consult buying history records to estimate inventory needs and manage other business issues. Some of the top management benefits of Epicor Eagle eCommerce integration include: 

  • Managing prices, updating product descriptions and assigning special prices based on incentives, quotes and/or pricing tiers
  • Amending and confirming orders easily
  • Maintaining the documents needed to process orders
  • Obtaining the approvals of multiple decision-makers in buying committees
  • Automating sales orders, inventory updates and shipping fulfillment processes
  • Managing omnichannel sales with real-time efficiency
  • Running the business from any location
  • Implementing an automated vendor rebate program
  • Automating loyalty programs to increase sales

Discover the Difference an Integrated POS System Can Make

Companies can improve sales with Epicor Eagle software--when it's fully integrated--and make POS sales more efficient in both brick-and-mortar and online operations. Salespeople can use the Epicor Mobile POS wireless checkout device to bring the cash register directly to customers. [1] However, integration is essential to provide real-time updates to inventory across all sales channels, warehouses and branch offices. 
An accurate, fast connection among business software applications ensures that each customer enjoys a great user experience and personalized marketing. It's easy to deliver a customized experience to customers based on their needs at the point-of-sale. Customers get transparent and accurate pricing because all valid quotes and discounts are applied automatically. The system remembers any special shipping needs such as drop shipping, split shipping and the use of multiple carriers. Other customer-facing benefits of integrated Epicor software include: 

  • A Streamlined Shopping Experience 
    Epicor Eagle software speeds up touchscreen technology with advanced POS tools, customer-specific displays and electronic signature capture.
  • Easy Ordering 
    Integrated software speeds every ordering task such as providing real-time inventory counts, accurate estimates for resupplying out-of-stock products and personalized menus and screens. Responsive design ensures that page displays show up well on any device.
  • Personalization 
    It's easy to improve sales with Epicor Eagle. Integrating with your CRM software also enables Epicor’s Support Bar functions that can customize ribbons, menus and screens for each customer or buyer persona.
  • Custom Solutions for Key Industries 
    Epicor Eagle software solutions are designed to match the needs of different industries, and integration allows IT staff to customize the way that all software applications work to match the company’s specific business needs.
  • Provide Special Customer Services 
    Epicor's search efficiency allows companies to find and organize items based on up to five attributes.

Statistics Favor Automation Capabilities

In B2B sales, automation becomes increasingly important to stay competitive. About 55 percent of B2B companies have adopted automation, which depends heavily on integration. [2] Automation delivers an average of a 14.5 percent increase in sales and a 12.2 percent reduction in overhead costs. 

About 67 percent of market-leading companies use automation to streamline business and increase sales. About 91 percent of automation users concede that automation is a very important part of their success. [3] Epicor Eagle eCommerce integration can provide similar or better results for B2B companies because they traditionally rely more heavily on automation than B2C organizations to manage thousands of SKUs and multiple sales channels. 

Developer Choice Is Critical

You spend a lot of time choosing software and an eCommerce platform for your store. You should proceed just as carefully when choosing a developer for design, implementation and integration. Clarity has experience in B2B sales, content management, coding and building custom apps for all your B2B needs. Clarity can build custom dashboards for staff members and portals for your best customers and their stakeholders using full integration as the engine to facilitate these applications. 


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