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eCommerce Product Filtering Tips

Filtering pointers to help boost conversions for your eCommerce site

Product FilteringProduct filtering is an important, yet often overlooked feature of eCommerce that can have a major impact on your sales. Some businesses have found that adding to or improving their product filtering systems can give their business a big boost. An online kilt company found that adding a filtering system increased their revenue as well as their conversions. Having an effective product filtering system helps your business succeed and helps your customers find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. Below are some tips for implementing and improving your eCommerce product filtering.

Don’t Just Sort by Product Attributes

Some businesses make the mistake of only having including filters that are product attributes. Adding extra, broader filters such as new products, trending, and most popular can help customers find new items that they might be interested in as well as popular items that your eCommerce business may be known for.

Display Applied Filters Prominently 

Being able to quickly see what filters have already been applied can be very important to a customer. They should be able to glance and see the filters that they have chosen in bold and prominently displayed. They should also be able to easily uncheck the filter if it is hindering or not helping their search. Providing customers a system of visual ques that allow the customer to quickly check what types of products they are looking for can help keep them looking until they find what they want.

Leave a Breadcrumb Trail for Customers

Customers like to know where they have been and what they have searched through already. Adding a breadcrumb trail at the top of the search page that lists all of the filters that the customer has searched through allows them to easily see what filters they have applied and can allow them to go back in the process.

Let Customers Select Multiple Categories and Filters 

Most customers come to a site having a general idea of the product that they want but haven’t decided on the specifics just yet. Allowing your customers to be able to select multiple filters of the same type, such as choosing three different possible colors, lets them see all of their possible options on one screen and can help them make their decision more easily. If the customer wants to see red products with 4-star reviews that cost less than $100, they should be able to do so with just a few clicks.

Show Product Counts for Each Filter

Displaying the product counts for filter selections helps your customers make a more informed decision about what filters they would like to choose. If they are looking for a shirt and are going to select the color blue as a filter but see that there are only 3 products that fit into that filter, they may choose a different color that has more options. Seeing the count next to the filter option helps them decide whether or not they actually want to apply that filter to their search.

Mobile Friendly Filters

As mobile shopping becomes increasingly popular, every aspect of your eCommerce site needs to become mobile friendly, including your filtering tool. Your product filters should be easy to read, select, and deselect on the shoppers’ mobile devices. You might even consider having your filters appear in a collapsible menu that can be hidden while browsing products and then easily displayed again with the touch of a finger when customers want to make changes to the filtering options.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how big of difference the details can make. Your product filtering system can sometimes be an afterthought after setting up your eCommerce site and product catalog, but it is a vital tool that can make the difference between losing and making the sale. Our team of expert eCommerce developers has helped many of our clients create and improve their product filtering systems to meet their customers’ needs. To find out more about improving your eCommerce product filters or to speak with an expert about your eCommerce project, call or click to contact us today!