Increase Sales Portal Adoption

If utilized properly, sales portals have the potential to enhance productivity, boost sales, and generate revenue. At most organizations, sales portals typically go through the same phases – implementation, adoption, updates, and waning. Whether it’s human resources, people development, or communications, these teams beg the sales team to use the portal, communicating to reps that it “has so much to offer.” By this point, the portal may be cluttered and difficult to navigate, forcing reps to hunt for content. But before revamping or scrapping your sales portal, consider these suggestions to increase portal adoption:

Create a Sales Playbook 

Often overlooked, playbooks are a great way to consolidate and align sales assets to specific stages of the buyer’s journey. This can be product presentations, product sheets, etc. Sales representatives do not want to hunt for material, nor should they spend time on non-core sales activities. If playbooks sit in another repository, provide links for reps to easily find them, or create dedicated pages that pull the content into a playbook format that is simple to navigate. Either way, making the portal easier to navigate will drive adoption.

Competitor Insight Pages 

sales-portal-insights-increaseYour reps should know your products well, but they don’t always keep up with the rest of the competition. Understanding the competitive landscape can be vital to winning and losing deals. When sales teams complete product training, they may be introduced to some competitors’ offerings. The market is always moving, making it difficult to update your team. A competitor insight page should include company, financial, industry and product updates.

Obtain Feedback 

Clarity’s sales portals allow reps to rate and leave comments on individual assets. Collecting feedback can enhance your sales productivity in a variety of different ways. Generally, individuals on the front line are exposed to the first hand conversations. Having entry level individuals communicate their experiences to seasoned executives can prove to be priceless. Reviews help reps and content owners learn what is working and what needs to be improved.

Sales portals are built with the best intentions, but they often need be optimized. At Clarity, we have expertise in helping an array of successful clients implement their sales portals. Please connect with a Clarity consultant today to learn more how we can help. Ultimately, the rewards are well worth the effort, enabling allows reps to spend less time searching for the right assets and more time selling.

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