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Mobile eCommerce is a growing market that more businesses are taking advantage of each year. Research states that about one-third of all eCommerce sales originate from a mobile platform. When mobile access is essential to the success of online merchants, it is important for these businesses to make an effort to create a seamless shopping experience that can be completed via smartphone or tablet. Here are the five best practices when it comes to increasing mobile eCommerce revenue.

Improved Design and Navigation

B2B eCommerce channelOne of the biggest problems that mobile users run into when they are trying to make a purchase through a mobile device is poor mobile website design. Incompatibility with mobile devices can even make it impossible for mobile users to complete a purchase, and these potential customers may become loyal to another brand when they are frustrated by the difficulty they are having while navigating a website.

While a website may be designed to look amazing and offer easy navigation on a computer, the impressive features of such a website could lead to a headache on a mobile device. Creating an online marketplace that should be compatible with mobile devices is the first step in increasing mobile eCommerce revenue through improved customer experience. Testing out the mobile store on all major platforms is a must, and companies should go through the entire process of making a purchase on a mobile device to ensure that there are not any snags along the line.

Intuitive Product Names

Increasing mobile eCommerce revenue is a matter of making it easy for customers to navigate to the products that they want to purchase. One way to achieve this goal is by using intuitive product names that are easy to search. Including a search bar in the mobile store ensures that customers are able to type in a keyword or phrase that will allow them to find the right product for their needs without spending time scrolling through listings.

Short, concise product names make this goal easier to achieve. Assigning product names with the mobile marketplace in mind ensures that businesses are able to offer their products to customers on mobile devices, on computers and in stores without having to worry about confusion due to differing product names or descriptions. Great product catalog design is essential to mobile eCommerce success.

Provide Support

B2B eCommerce channel customizationWhile creating an intuitive mobile website can make shopping easier for customers, there are still going to be times when mobile users will need more help during the shopping experience. One way to fulfill this need is by linking customers to the company's eCommerce customer support line through the mobile store. All that customers will need to do to get their questions answered is click on the phone number to get connected.

Another option for support is to link to a FAQ page from the mobile store. Visitors to the mobile website who are on the fence about making a purchase are more likely to go through with the transaction if they are able to easily find the answers to their questions. Paring down an existing FAQ page to highlight the most important information will make it easier for mobile users to find answers without having to wait for pages to load or needing to scroll through lengthy explanations.

Keep It Speedy

Using a mobile device is usually all about the convenience, so it is essential for businesses to make the mobile shopping experience a quick, convenient way to make a purchase. Opting for low-resolution images helps to improve load times on product pages. It is also recommended that text is kept short and concise. Not only will trimming down the text improve load times, but it will also allow mobile users to get an overall understanding of the product that they are purchasing without having to read through long paragraphs. Bullet points that highlight the most important features of the product work best when it comes to mobile marketplaces.

Make Links Easy to Find and Access

B2B eCommerce channelLinks to other key pages on a website should be easy for mobile users to find. The best place to put these links is at the top of each page. If the text on a page is particularly long, it may be necessary to include a second set of links at the bottom of the page to avoid making visitors scroll all the way back to the top.

Accessibility is also important when it comes to links on a mobile device. Spacing between the links is essential. Mobile users who find that they are constantly selecting the wrong link due to spacing issues may move on to another retailer due to frustration.

Basic links are best for a mobile format. While drop-down menus may be convenient on computers, these menus are more difficult to successfully navigate and utilize on a mobile platform.

How Clarity Can Help

If your business is striving to increase mobile eCommerce revenue, Clarity can help you reach your sales goals. If your goal is a more responsive website that can encourage visitors to become loyal customers of your brand, contact Clarity. Our eCommerce platform paired with an intuitive mobile website will have your sales numbers rising in no time. Get started with a consultation and a free quote to learn more about what we can do for you.