Infor eCommerce Integration

Integrating eCommerce with Infor 

Integrate Infor ERP and eCommerce for better business efficiency

An Infor eCommerce integration enables two of your most powerful systems to work together to help your business work better and more efficiently.


Infor ERP is a powerful enterprise resource planning solution equipped with specialized modules for different industries, especially manufacturing and distributing. 

Infor has created numerous enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to best serve all of their clients unique needs. Because Infor recognizes that different businesses and industries require specialized modules, they have designed over half a dozen different ERP solutions. All of Infor’s ERP software help businesses manage their finances, improve businesses processes, and streamline operations.

Infor Integration with eCommerce

  • Use Infor’s Intelligent Open Network- Infor’s ION is a middleware solution designed to help developers easily integrate Infor with third party systems. 

  • Employ Clarity Connect- Clarity’s middleware solution, Clarity Connect, serves as a communication hub for integrations, ensuring that data is always successfully transferred. 

  • Utilize SSL- When data is transferred between systems it should always be over secure socket layers to keep the information secure. 

  • Automate Data Transfers- Automated data transfers, which are a result of integration, keep your staff from having to manually transfer important data between systems. 

  • Present the Most Up to Date Data- An Infor integration enables you to be able to show your employees and clients the most up to date information about inventory and orders. 

  • Access and Update Data from One System- Integrating Infor with eCommerce allows you to view and change all of your data easily from one screen. 

integrating Infor with eCommerceWhen performing any integration, it is of extreme importance to use the right tools. The Intelligent Open Network (ION) provided by Infor supplies the framework to build a robust integration between Infor and eCommerce, or any other third party software or system. To further maximize your Infor and eCommerce integration, Clarity uses our middleware layer, Clarity Connect, to serve as a queue and communication hub. Clarity Connect receives and stores data from one of the systems until it is successfully received and transferred to the other system. And don’t forget to use SSL to keep data safe during data transmissions. 

An Infor integrate eCommerce solution can assist your business in numerous ways. An integration saves your business time and resources. Automated data transfers eliminate the need for data to be manually rekeyed. Being able to update data in both systems by just changing it in one of them allows your employees to tend to other tasks. And showing your customers and clients real time information about their orders and your inventory reduces the demand on your sales and customer service teams.

Why Clarity


Our developers at Clarity have over 300 years of combined experience implementing solutions for businesses. 


Clarity’s team of experts have executed numerous successful ERP and eCommerce integrations for our clients. We have worked with Infor software and have the experience needed to implement and integrate such a robust system. 

Advanced Technology 

Over the years, Clarity discovered a need for robust technology that is flexible and easy to use. To fill that need we developed Clarity eCommerce, our eCommerce platform, and Clarity Connect, our integration platform. Both platforms have been proven and are being utilized by many of our clients. 

Solutions to Fit Your Needs 

Clarity specializes in implementing custom business solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs. 

To find out more about how Clarity can integrate Infor with your eCommerce platform, call or click to contact us today!