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Telogis (now Verizon Connect) Integration with ERP systems

Integrating ERP with Telogis location intelligence

Benefits of integrating ERP and Telogis?

Telogis Integration ERP CRM eCommerce

Integrating systems in a business helps improve data flow, data management and cost effectiveness. Doubly so for integrating your ERP system and Telogis Location Monitoring. When using multiple non-integrated systems, not only is there the extra cost of entering data multiple times, but also increases the risk of losing or misentering data. When dealing with any vehicle service, a misentered address can cause serious problems.

With Telogis integration, any information available in Telogis can be automatically entered into your ERP system. Drivers, jobs, vehicle location, fuel use, and much more. With each of these metrics being automatically entered, you can have specialized reports that correlate data from your ERP and the Telogis system. For example, a report can connect a specific driver and extra fuel use.

This data doesn't only come from Telogis, but to Telogis from the ERP system as well. As you enter customer data, it can be accessed by the Telogis system or by employees in the field via the Telogis mobile app. This can be extremely advantageous if jobs, clients, or addresses need to be updated on the fly. It also increases the confidence your field employees have in the data when they check it; no worrying if the data they have is current or not.

Challenges of integrating ERP and Telogis

Integrating your ERP with Telogis saves you time and money...

This level of integration isn't something that can be achieved out of the box with ERP or Telogis. Fortunately Telogis offers a very robust API that allows a high level of integration. Unfortunately, and this is where a third party such as Clarity comes in, that API requires 3 separate types of integration, REST, SOAP, and Template. Clarity's experience with Telogis perfectly enables us to integrate these multiple APIs with a variety of different system, including ERP and CRM.

ERP Systems Enterprise Resource Management Netsuite Dynamics GP Oracle SAP SageThe same can be said about the ERP portion, our experience with integration means that we can integrate with any of the popular ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage, Oracle, and SAP. This can be especially helpful if your company doesn't have direct support from the ERP manufacturer. Although much of this can seem daunting, With Clarity's experience with Telogis and many different ERP systems you have the confidence that you can begin reaping the benefits of integration with little hassle.

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