Integrated Management Reports for Manufacturing eCommerce

integrated management reports and manufacturing

Your integrated management reports are your way of staying on top of your eCommerce business and informing your marketing and product ordering decisions. Read on for an introduction to integrated management report development and what it entails.

An Overview of Integrated Program Management Reports

Integrated management reports refer to a collection of reports that are automatically generated using data from your website. These reports include, but are not limited to: top products, top customers, daily sales reports, quarterly sales reports, order history reports, order detail reports, customer listing reports, coupon usage reports, payment history reports, and more. Each of these reports will help you determine what to re-stock, who to market to, and the effectiveness of various campaigns or sales quarters.

Integrated Management Reports and Manufacturing

Integrated management reports are particularly beneficial for manufacturing and supply chain management purposes.

Integrated management reports are particularly beneficial for manufacturing eCommerce integration purposes. For example, an order history report allows for real-time inventory management by letting you know what is in stock or out-of-stock, so you can re-stock immediately or inform your customers that a particular product is no longer available. A good integrated management report for manufacturing will also allow you to import and export inventory as needed, so you will always be on top of your master inventory list.

eCommerce Integrated Management Report Solutions in Austin, TX

Clarity offers the manufacturing custom eCommerce integrated management reports listed above and more. Our goal is to help you quickly retrieve data from your website in real-time and consolidate it in a way that is informative, useful, and healthy for your bottom line. We provide additional, user friendly touches, like the ability to sort and filter on any field, and drill down to order detail. Speak to a representative today if you’d like to learn more about how integrated management reports can help you.

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