International Web-Based Shipping Platform Integration


international web-based shipping integrationGlobal eCommerce businesses face multiple hurdles when it comes to operating cash flow positive. For multi-faceted companies, one of the biggest keys to success is properly utilizing a shipping platform.  A successful international web-based shipping platform encompasses the characteristics of securing data, shopping cart & shipping integration, and appropriate hosting. These traits will help efficiently move orders while keeping international customers happy.

Secure Data Storage for International Shipping

Successfully storing data for an organization can make or break a business. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that a shipping platform backs its data up each and every day. This will allow important customer information to remain secure, and it will prevent orders and other information from getting lost. Hardware support and automated software backups can assist teams’ data security strategies and help avoid headaches in the future.

Shopping Cart and International Shipping Integration

If you decide on an open-source CMS system for your multi-site needs, look for key differentiators like integration with all major web platforms; mobile capabilities; workflow management; security; and a high degree of scalability.

The combination of a common sense shopping cart and shipping integration can pay exponential dividends. Shopping cart integration allows you to automatically retrieve orders; this on-demand feature helps assign shopping cart orders with tracking numbers and the appropriate shipping costs. Intelligent shipping integration gives you the ability to print shipping labels, track transit times, print order forms, and much more. A successful one-two shopping cart, eCommerce shipping integration will create crystal clear transparency and provide stronger communication with customers.

Other Considerations for Your International Shipping Platform

Clarity | cloud solutions help with international shippingAccording to CompTIA, “90 percent of companies claim some form of cloud usage.” This clearly states the cloud is no longer a trend, and is here to stay. Hosting your web based solution with no software installation, and automatic upgrades, really boosts your IT departments’ spirits and helps solve problems before they arise. As you consider integration solutions, keep in mind that you need a program compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The cloud will help tackle all of these.

Clarity is an expert in helping organizations run their companies from any type of electronic device, operating system, and web browser. International shipping platforms play a coveted role in running a successful business, and Clarity has the track record to boost your revenue. Please speak to Clarity today to learn how your company can integrate these characteristics into your team.

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Clarity Can Help

A custom-built eCommerce platform can solve many international shipping issues. Clarity eCommerce works not only across multiple languages but can accommodate currency calculation, international taxes, and regulatory or legal requirements. Our developers have years of experience providing solutions to internationally focused clients. With Clarity eCommerce, you’ll be empowered to take your B2B or B2C business across the globe. Call or click for a free quote.


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