Introducing Clarity’s Development Partner Program

Introduction to the Program

For nearly 10 years, Clarity has been partnering with other companies in developing and building many types of projects. Historically those partners were either design firms or agencies that either put together a list of SEO work that needed to be done, or designed a website or mobile application and needed a development firm to build the backend. Well, we still do that, and do that well. The big news is the availability of our eCommerce and Integration platforms to other development companies in our new development partner program.

Clarity eCommerce™

For the last eight years, Clarity has been working on our own eCommerce platform. Over the course of building hundreds of eCommerce sites for our clients using "off-the-shelf" eCommerce products, we could never find one that met all their needs when we began a project and even fewer that could easily grow and change as our clients’ businesses did. We ended up billing hundreds of hours building out modules and extending functionality to meet our clients' business requirements.

Over the course of a few years, we'd had enough of investing in someone else's platform. So we went to work building the ultimate eCommerce platform. One that could be customized heavily on the front and backend, handle millions of SKUs, serve many of our B2B clients and be completely customized. That platform has been in production for over three years now, with clients in a single store easily managing over 1million SKUs and much more. As we built the platform, customizing it for every client, we had to create a robust API that would give us that flexibility to create any front or back-end UI and add any feature we wanted. We ended up with an cutting-edge API that exposes over 100 attributes within the platform and supports XML, CSV, JSV, JSON, SOAP 1.1 and 1.2.

We also built out all the XSD and WSDLs for our developers. In building it so any of the developers on our team could customize and extend the platform, we realized that we could extend that to our partners.

Clarity eCommerce™ Benefits:

  • Everything B2B - multi-tenant, tiered pricing, split shipping, etc.
  • Scalable to millions of SKUs, N-level categories & attributes
  • Built-in reporting engine, native SEO content creation
  • Latest Technology stack - Angular.js, etc.
  • Mobile Responsive Storefront
  • Industry-leading API

Clarity Connect™

We've already natively integrated the platform with Clarity eCommerce and built out connectors for some of the popular back-office applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP

From the very first project our two founders embarked on, a new eCommerce site with back-end integration to Oracle Business One, Clarity's been immersed in building integrations. Virtually every project we take on has one or more integrations. Whether it's a simple Sales tax calculation via a web service, a shipping integration with FedEx, UPS or LTL carrier or a more in-depth Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP or Salesforce CRM integration, Clarity has done over 3,000 integrations. In the process of building these integrations, we built our own integration middleware, called Clarity Connect. This platform is highly extensible and supports all of the integration types: ETL, HIPAA, data formats, EDI, database, web services, hub and spoke, bus, and more for all types of business needs like B2B, supply chain, affiliates, multi-tenant portals, as well as back-office automation with ERP, EMR and CRM systems. For our development partners, we've already natively integrated the platform with Clarity eCommerce and built out connectors for some of the popular back-office applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Clarity Connect™ Benefits:

  • Proven in production on thousands of integrations
  • Supports all integration types: ETL, Hub and Spoke, Bus, Direct, more
  • Uses the latest technologies
  • Highly scalable, flexible and secure

So if you're a development house looking for a better eCommerce or integration platform to use in your projects, give Clarity a call and ask about our Development Partner Program.