JavaScript for eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce Web Design with JavaScript

How JavaScript can benefit your eCommerce business

JavaScript Overview

JavaScript for eCommerce

Javascript is a simple and versatile coding language used to extend web pages beyond static capabilities. It is most commonly used to implement client-side scripts to interact with the user, alter display of data, control the browser, and communicate asynchronously. In addition, JavaScript can also be used for server-side network programming. It was released back in 1995 with syntactical influence from C, one of the most popular programming languages. Like all other coding languages, JavaScript has advantages and disadvantages.

JavaScript Pros

JavaScript for eCommerce

Executable on the client side

JavaScript is executed on the user's own processor. What this means is that the server is not executing the code, which saves bandwidth and prevents strain on the web server.

Easy to learn

Many developers find JavaScript easy to learn. This is due to the intuitive, human-like nature of the syntax. Prewritten functions are also provided by the DOM model, so objects on pages have a variety of properties. This makes coding much easier when meeting specific needs.


JavaScript can be executed locally on the user's processor, which translates to speed. Results are generally instantaneous because data does not need to be processed in the server and sent to the user.


Another great benefit is that JavaScript is extensibile. To exceed the typical capabilities of a normal web page, snippets of JavaScript can be written and implemented.

JavaScript Cons


When JavaScript code is executed on client servers, it has the risk of being exploited on the user's system. Despite the restrictions set by modern web standards, malicious code that complies with these web standards can still be executed.


Rendering is often an issue due to differing layout engines. This leads to the inconsistency between functionality and the interface. Despite updates heading towards a universal standardization, some special cases are not yet addressed.

Why You Should Use JavaScript in eCommerce Development

Today, online applications have become far more sophisticated and dynamic. Basic, static pages are outmoded and will not benefit your business. With JavaScript, visually appealing features and memorable user experiences can be created. This is important in representing your business on the Internet. So what are some things JavaScript can do?

JavaScript can enhance your web forms. Usually, a web form sends data to the server for validation and error reports. The whole process can be sped up by implementing this validation process within the individual fields. This results in immediate feedback, allowing the user to make corrections before submitting the form.

Slideshows, a common feature in eCommerce stores, can also be improved through JavaScript. Without JavaScript, a slideshow can still function; however, it will be slow, because pages will typically need to be reloaded each time the user clicks to the next slide. JavaScript allows the slideshow to function smoothly and eliminates the need to reload the whole page.

These are just a couple examples of how JavaScript can improve your eCommerce website.

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