Joomla: Open Source Content Management for SMBs

Joomla for eCommerce Web Development

Is Joomla the right CMS for your small-to-medium business?

Joomla content management systemJoomla is a content management system that offers a middle-ground between simple, out of the box functionality and more advanced customization. Aimed at SMBs without high volume needs for daily traffic, Joomla’s site lists community forums, non-profits, small businesses, and personal sites as some of the most frequent uses for their software. An open source solution, Joomla is free to download and use, with the exception of some commercial plugins. Joomla is also highly customizable for eCommerce

Joomla: An OverviewJoomla compatibility

Users with some background understanding of content management systems will find Joomla to be well-suited to their needs. With the proper plugins installed, Joomla is highly extensible. Joomla runs on PHP and MySQL, making it widely compatible, and is is fairly accessible to those with an intermediate level of experience. Developers can start working and customizing right away thanks to Joomla's quick installation time. With template control, designers can use more than one template across the site if needed. Templates can also easily be modified through overrides, allowing designers to incorporate their own design elements.

A Closer Look at Joomla’s Features

Joomla offers out-of-the box functionality along with the numerous options to customize to your company's needs.

  • Content Authoring and Versioning
  • Joomla has nine options for user levels, so you can tailor based on each adminstrator’s level of needed permissions. Users can also use LDAP, Gmail, and OpenID to login. Joomla also allows you to access your save history, making it easy to revert back to earlier versions of content whenever necessary. Modules allow for simple options for prominently displaying popular or related articles.

  • Support
  • Joomla has a large support community full of users and developers excited to ask questions and exchange advice. With a large library of documentation and tutorials for different skill levels, users can quickly learn how to use various aspects of Joomla’s platform.

  • Multimedia
  • Joomla comes with a built-in media manager and has options for caching and compression for larger files. You can also add campaigns and banners with the Banner Manager. Numerous options for displaying multimedia are available in the extensions directory.

Clarity Can Help

Joomla provides great benefits for small to medium businesses. If Joomla is your content management system of choice, an experienced development team can help you capitalize on the full functionality of Joomla for eCommerce. Here at Clarity, our top-of-the line Clarity eCommerce™ solution has been integrated with hundreds of sites across numerous content management systems. Contact us today for help customizing your content management system to meet your eCommerce needs.