Large Product Catalog Migration for eCommerce

Mike Angstadt, .Net Development Lead, on why large product catalogs aren't a problem when switching eCommerce platforms

 Video Transcript: Hi. Mike Angstadt here from Clarity Ventures, and today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about why having a ton of data in your product catalog isn't a barrier to entry when switching ecommerce platforms. At Clarity, we have customers come to use every day with hundreds of thousands if not millions of SKUs. Although it might seem counterintuitive, it's actually relatively straightforward to migrate that data from one system to another with our custom mapping tools.

Now, typically we'll start off a conversation with a potential client, and they'll begin explaining why their data is special. As Chris Munns, from Amazon Web Service, would say, "Your data is just not special." When it comes to ecommerce platform, you've got attributes, categories, products, some card options, but for the most part they're all translatable into a new platform.

The next argument is that, although there is switching costs to migrating the data, really once you get past 100 products, whether it's 10,000 or a million, you're going to have to put the same amount of effort and energy into creating that data map, and so the only difference there is run time. So the cost associated with moving that amount of products is incrementally minimal.

Next, you're going to lose all of your SEO goodness. Now, as long as you're working with a solid SEO provider, they should be able to look at your current website and your new website and be able to map all of your index URLs, 301 them accurately, and have you lose absolutely zero traction when it comes to migrating to a new platform. They might even be able to clean up some of the skeletons in the closet that you've develop over the years by adding static pages or deleting categories and things like that.

So you can capitalize on all the time, energy, and resources you put into getting the data into your current system and leverage in modern platform that gives you all the features and functionality that are tested across thousands of websites and millions of users every day to maximize the ecommerce performance and experience for your customers.

So next time you're thinking about upgrading to a new system, don't be held back by thinking about how much time you've spent already in the current system. Imagine what opportunities you're giving up by not migrating today.