Leveraging Your Trade Show Presence For eCommerce Sales

Boosting your ROI on trades how appearances

Do you know how your presence at tradeshows impacts your eCommerce efforts? If not, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your approach to sales.

Modern businesses must integrate eCommerce into their existing marketing strategies to succeed. Traditional forms of consumer interaction aren't exempt from this need, so companies that want to establish a presence at tradeshows and other events have to do so in a forward-thinking, connected fashion. Here are some critical considerations for B2B firms, enterprise-level companies and other entities that seek to promote their brands in person while still capitalizing on digital tactics.

Quantifying Tradeshow ROI

return on investment for trade showsAccording to data published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, more than 75 percent of executives rely solely on sales metrics to determine whether specific trade events are worth attending.[1] Although measurable success indicators often include new sales leads as well as the number of post-tradeshow closures on existing leads, most decision makers focus heavily on making contact and promoting viable relationships.

What Really Matters?

The same report noted that many business execs were willing to overlook minor cost factors, like how far their staff had to travel to attend shows. Instead, most concentrated on long-game sales aspects, such as the target markets and new audiences they could access by participating.

In 2008, more than 35 percent of all marketing budgets were devoted to B2B exhibits. Although this figure dropped in subsequent years, the decline was offset by commensurate increases in online marketing expenditures, indicating that eCommerce is a rapidly growing consideration.

Increasing Marketing Integration

marketing integration with eCommerceDigital marketing has some clear advantages over other more traditional methods, but the era of the tradeshow is far from over. Because trade show participants come with so many different goals, it's important to implement an intelligent marketing system that provides for custom data tracking and reveals the real-world results of attendance. In addition to establishing contact, companies have to cultivate and maintain it, so unified eCommerce systems are of the utmost importance.

In recent years, technological integration has become a major focal point for trade show participants. While business cards, flyers and other ads are still major methods of establishing lasting contact, no marketer worth their salt would be caught attending an event without making some of the following digitally enabled tracking efforts.

Provide QR Codes and Other Web Links

Statistics from 2013 revealed that QR code users in US, UK and European markets represented a significant percentage of smartphone owners and a huge chunk of individuals between 18 and 24 years old.[2] Those who make it easier for consumers to interact via eCommerce platforms could drastically increase retention and turnover.

QR codes also provide for easy tracking; marketers who use redirects and other web tricks can easily determine where their codes were scanned. By leveraging these technologies, it's possible to paint a more accurate picture of which tradeshow materials are most effective and discover which verticals are worthy of further investiture.

Use Smart Devices

mobile devices for trade showsIt's not enough to simply help show visitors link back to websites and other materials; sales staff also need to get connected themselves. When selecting an eCommerce platform, smart device support is an absolute must.

Smartphones that provide attendees and presenters with ready access to in-depth sales data let them share examples and success stories on the spot. They also help exhibitors establish lasting contacts by providing references to product details, performance stats and other vital info that drives the conversation forward. At a bare minimum, equipping an attendee with a handy device enables them to guide potential customers through the eCommerce shopping process, potentially resulting in increased conversions.

How Clarity Can Help

eCommerce can be complex, and your ability to manage your marketing is integral to whether or not your firm profits from its tradeshow leverage. Unfortunately, there's also quite a lot to learn, and many marketers are hard pressed for time. Discover how the innovative Clarity eCommerce platform could put you on the road to tradeshow marketing mastery by contacting us today for a free consultation or quote.


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