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marketing with enterprise crm

We’ve discussed how your enterprise CRM integration can make the sales process much smoother; but that’s just half the battle. A successful sales pipeline requires a strong, competent marketing effort. Learn how your Enterprise CRM system can enhance the marketing process below.

Marketing and Sales Automation for Enterprise Businesses

Your CRM system is the best place for you to track and measure the success of your multichannel marketing campaign, whether it involves email, social media, cold calling, SEO management, or PPC management. They can help you measure your campaign in the metrics that matter most: clicks, leads, responses, or revenue. If you put a white paper on your website for download or provide free access to a webinar, you can track that, too. In short, you CRM system will show you which parts of your marketing campaign are getting results, so you’ll know where to direct your energy in the future.

Tips for Marketing with Enterprise CRM

An Enterprise CRM system can reduce overhead, but it will not replace your marketing team.

The key point to keep in mind with regards to marketing in Enterprise CRM is that even though your CRM system can automate the process and make it much easier for everyone involved, it will not do your marketing for you. Your marketing team will still need to stay on top of trends, be available to meet every prospective customer need, and adopt a friendly, professional tone with every piece of collateral in every channel of the marketing campaign. An Enterprise CRM system can reduce overhead, but it will not replace your marketing team.

Marketing and Enterprise CRM Integration in Austin, TX

From sales and marketing automation to ticket tracking, Clarity knows Enterprise CRM. Our team of B2C and B2B experts can consult with you and discuss which Enterprise CRM is right for you, and we can integrate it into your website with customized features and a consistent workflow. Contact a Clarity representative today to discuss Enterprise CRM integration.

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