Microsoft CRM eCommerce Website Form Integration


Microsoft Dynamics CRM IntegrationIf your website is important to your marketing efforts, your business probably likes to connect its online visitors to their true identities and prospect information. After all, visitors aren't as beneficial for your business if you can't turn them into prospects!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is a great way to make sure your business is getting all that it can out of its website, marketplace, portal, etc. and at the same time reduce inefficiencies and task duplication.

CRM Integration with eCommerce Websites

Microsoft CRM becomes very powerful once integrated with new or existing eCommerce systems. Since websites that are directly related to the revenue of a particular company are a huge focus of said company, efficiency and effectiveness is even more important. All information gathered about online customers is also important and CRM integration makes it easy to capture and organize this data automatically and without all the typos and human data errors.

CRM Integration with Website Forms

If your business benefits from collecting visitor data on its website, then CRM integration is a great option to leverage the power of both tools. Many websites will allow visitors to fill out forms to send their information to the business. This is extremely valuable especially to the sales team, since people normally don't mis-spell their own names, and are more likely to keep their contact information, like phone number and email address, up to date..

Microsoft CRM becomes very powerful once integrated with new or existing eCommerce systems

However, it becomes even more valuable when the information is synced in real time across the organization's backend systems such as a CRM. This is where CRM website integration really shines. This type of integration will automatically port a users information into your business systems without monotonous data entry, errors or time delays.


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