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microsoft dynamics sl ecommerce software solution platformYou have worked hard to build a vision for your business. With Microsoft Dynamics SL, you can turn that vision into reality with a solution designed for project- and service driven organizations that gives you control over and visibility into what’s going on in your business, and the ability to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow—ultimately driving your business growth.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to easily manage the complexities of a project-based business, helping you run more efficiently and giving you insight you can use to deliver accurate estimates—on time and on budget. That means better control, better profits, and more room to grow.

Clarity eCommerce & Microsoft Dynamics SL

Clarity eCommerce is a feature-robust shopping cart platform for businesses that are serious about selling online.

Clarity eCommerce is a feature-robust shopping cart platform for businesses that are serious about selling online. In a perfect system, your eCommerce store is integrated with your other business applications in order to keep your data consistent and accurate. This is exactly what Clarity eCommerce does.

Some Clarity eCommerce features:

  • Advanced Product Catalog
  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Advanced Logistics Integrations
  • Shipping Integration
  • Advanced Search
  • Intelligent Browsing
  • Intuitive Checkout
  • "My Account" Dashboard
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • ERP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Marketing and Analytics
  • Integrates Your Company's Branding and Design
  • ...and more!

You can find out more about Clarity eCommerce and its features here.

Clarity eCommerce was built for many things, but especially for seamless integration into the entire Microsoft Dynamics suite of products. You can feel confident that Clarity eCommerce is natively meant for your SL data, and that your business is in good hands.

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