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At Clarity, we have a wide-range of experience in implementing and customizing Microsoft SharePoint for our clients. If you are considering the use of Microsoft SharePoint for your business, it’s important to understand what benefits it will provide, and how it would compare to an even more customized solution. Below is some helpful information if you think transition the SharePoint is the next step for your business.

What Does Microsoft SharePoint Do?

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Microsoft SharePoint serves many functions, namely document management, storage and sharing through a web-based intranet platform. It is an out-of-the-box framework that can be purchased for a considerably inexpensive price and customized to fit the needs of most businesses. Like Microsoft CRM or Microsoft Great Plains, it’s a well establish solution backed by the Microsoft name. With the help of a Microsoft Certified provider, your business or organization can implement and customize SharePoint to help systemize your processes through effective document management.

Hiring a Microsoft SharePoint Development Company

If you want to implement and customize Microsoft SharePoint, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a development company who can help in the process. Working with a development company, you can create intranet with Microsoft SharePoint, upgrade from a previous SharePoint instance, or transition your current intranet to a Microsoft SharePoint solution. SharePoint can be established for your business remotely, so choosing the right developer does not need to be based upon their physical location.

Microsoft SharePoint serves many functions, namely document management, storage and sharing through a web-based intranet platform.

Which Microsoft SharePoint Edition is Best?

Microsoft offers several versions of SharePoint for businesses. The three most basic forms of Microsoft SharePoint are Microsoft SharePoint Foundation (a free edition), Microsoft SharePoint Standard (all the basics) and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise (an upgraded form of Standard with additional features). Choosing the right type of Microsoft SharePoint is something that your web development company can assist with. Your web development company can also assist with the transition from one type to another, or the upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

To get more information on Microsoft SharePoint, visit their website today. If you are interested in speaking with a web development company about what it would look like to implement SharePoint for your business, use the contact form below to get some more information.

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