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Microsoft SharePoint title="Microsoft Sharepoint" is one of the most powerful and popular collaboration tools on the market. The successful deployment of SharePoint allows for data to be shared, visualized, and modified across your intranet system. Although fast access to the right information is the primary purpose of SharePoint, your business can also leverage the system for better employee engagement, which will lead to greater overall satisfaction and business success.


microsoft sharepoint and peer to peer sharing

SharePoint and Peer-to-Peer Sharing Tools

In addition to hosting other important collaborative tools, SharePoint 2010 is the version of SharePoint that can especially encourage peer-to-peer sharing and other forms of employee engagement. By leveraging the strategies behind popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, newer features of SharePoint are designed to increase the prevalence of social sharing across an organization, fostering a critical sense of belonging and participation.

For example, a microblogging platform (similar to Twitter) within SharePoint allows employees to share their successes, experiences, and questions company-wide. In addition to allowing employees across offices to get to know one another in a much richer way, HR professionals or other business leaders can monitor the collection of employee updates for themes. If a certain situation or question continuously arises, it may be time to re-strategize.

The degree to which you can learn from the people who understand your company best—your employees—is invaluable.

Promoting Innovation Through Sharepoint Social Sharing Tools

Social sharing tools often create a sense of lateral structure or a horizontal playing field, allowing employees to share thoughts and ideas with one another freely. It transforms strategizing away from a simple top-down approach, allowing for an influx of new ideas, often from the people who have the most direct interaction with a particular product, customer group, or situation. The degree to which you can learn from the people who understand your company best—your employees—is invaluable. If you decide that social sharing is right for your company, Clarity can help you customize your SharePoint social sharing tools so that you can make the most out of their powerful features.


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