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Mobile device detection is the process of automatically detecting what device a user is on – computer, iPad, tablet, or mobile phone – and automatically adjusting the website to suit the size specifications of the browser.

Mobile Detection in DotNetNuke

One of DotNetNuke’s features allows for automatic detection of mobile devices and immediate redirection to landing pages that are optimized for that device. To do this, DotNetNuke leverages responsive design techniques through CSS and HTML 5, and it then tailors content to each device as specified by the designers. Examples of browsers supported include iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, tablets, and iPads.

How Mobile Device Detection Works

Examples of browsers supported include iPhones, Android, Windows Phone, tablets, and iPads.

A series of events takes place through the process of mobile device detection and site redirection. First, the website sends out a request to the web server using http protocol. As part of the exchange, information is transmitted that conveys details about the browser name, version, and OS. DotNetNuke uses its own http modules to process these requests.

Mobile Redirection in DotNetNuke

Once a device is detected and the information is processed, DotNetNuke will automatically redirect the user to the correct landing page. Before doing so, it calls into the website’s Redirect Rules to determine what redirection rules are configured for that particular device. If a redirection rule is found, it will redirect to the appropriate website URL, the perfectly optimized landing page. The entire process takes milliseconds.

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