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If you’re ready to take the step of creating a mobile application platform for your business, it can be helpful to understand the difference between the three major mobile application players (iPhone, Android, and Windows). Because each smartphone has different features, they appeal to a different demographic; and knowing your demographic is an important consideration when you choose to go mobile. Below is a basic overview of the timeline, submission process, and customer base you should expect to encounter as we help you develop, integrate, customize, or submit a mobile eCommerce application.

mobile application comparison


The iPhone Mobile Platform

The iPhone’s strengths lie in its ease of use, as well as its games and social tools. It has the most powerful camera out of any of the smartphones, and the smoothest messaging system. The iPhone is much better with apps than it is with internet browsing. Because of this, the iPhone generally appeals to a younger demographic. People who use the iPhone tend to do so for recreational or social purposes rather than for professional purposes. Data shows that iPhone users are also more likely to be optimists, extroverts, and self-described leaders.

The Android Mobile Platform

The Android holds the largest share of the U.S. smartphone market, with Apple following closely behind. Demographically, Android users are most likely to be men who lean to the right politically. They’re also much more likely to be interested in saving money than their smartphone counterparts.

The Windows Mobile Platform

Consult with Clarity today about designing a smartphone application that will appeal to your target audience.

While the Windows smartphone OS holds a smaller share of the U.S. market, its beautiful and functional design means it has a loyal, and growing, following. Demographically, the people who adopt Windows smartphone Operating Systems are most likely to be women.

Now that you have a general idea of the user base of the three major mobile application platforms, consult with Clarity today about designing a smartphone application that will appeal to your target audience.



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