Multichannel Marketing Examples and Case Studies


Every multichannel marketing campaign is unique, depending on your company and demographics. Below are just a few examples of the variety of businesses Clarity has worked with, and what their multichannel campaigns looked like:


Multichannel Marketing Example - Friends & Farms

multichannel marketing example – friends and farms

Friends & Farms provides weekly food baskets that contain fresh produce, meat, dairy, and seafood from local farmers who are committed sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural practices. Their muti-pronged marketing approach involves four integrated blogs that Clarity designed for them, all of which are connected to social media accounts. They also have an affiliate marketing program, which allows farmers in their co-op to sell Friends & Farms produce on their own online shop. Finally, they allow guest posts on one of their blogs, which post authors often link back to.

Multichannel Marketing Example - WORD of CC

 multichannel marketing example – word of comal county

The Water Oriented Recreation District (WORD) of Comal County came to Clarity in need of a website design refresh and a way to promote the fact that it had not changed its water laws (in the midst of a series of changes made by other counties). Clarity not only redesigned their website and integrated a Google Maps API; we also integrated a social media campaign, complete with compelling information, photos of visitors, and more. Additionally, we ran a promotional contest in which the winner received tickets to a popular concert. The result was a fresh, clear, and fun marketing campaign.

Multichannel Marketing Example - Ruby et Violette

 multichannel marketing example – ruby et violette

Ruby et Violette is a popular online destination for gourmet cookies and treats. Clarity built them a custom shopping cart that is integrated into all social media accounts, so that a customer can “share” when he or she makes a purchase. Of particular note is its integration with a Pinterest account; the mouthwatering images are very successful on this image-oriented social media website.

Check out the Clarity demo site for more inspiration, and let Clarity help you move forward with your own integrated multichannel campaign!


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