Customer Relationship Management Integration with NetSuite

Netsuite CRM Website Integration

Netsuite is a powerful CRM platform that allows businesses of all sizes to manage their contacts and client lists. Netsuite helps sales and marketing teams gather, document, and follow up on information about prospects and existing customers.

Netsuite and Website Integration

Connecting Netsuite with a business website has many advantages. Obviously, it is extremely important to keep up with all of the information you gather from users on your website. A company site is one of the best channels with which to collect information about your prospects, and Netsuite's strength is managing that information. Integration of the tools just makes sense.

Netsuite and eCommerce Integration

For eCommerce websites, documenting and keeping track of prospect information is even more important. Since eCommerce companies depend on their websites for a main revenue stream, it is essential to ensure that these tools are integrated.

Netsuite and Website Form Integration

It is extremely important to keep up with all of the information you gather from users on your website

Websites are great marketing tools, and even better prospecting tools. When sites employ forms to gather user information they create a contact point between the company and potential customers. This information is extremely valuable and Netsuite can help your company document and follow up on these prospects.

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