NServiceBus and NSBCon: Improve your Integration

What is NServiceBus?

How NServiceBus Can Help Your Integration

NServiceBus: An Integration Ecosystem

NServiceBus (NSB) is a platform designed for companies that are operating large complex systems as well as those running small systems in early stage business. Speakers from these companies as well as creators, software thinkers, and enterprise innovators will talk about their experiences and opinions at the first NSBCon later this month. With their inaugural conference around the corner and more than 50,000 developers relying on NServiceBus every day, it is worth taking a look to see how it might help your integration project.

On the company’s website, Particular Software leadership states that they are “focusing [their] energies on growing the NServiceBus ecosystem.” The term “ecosystem” is a great choice of word because that is how an integration should be viewed if we want it to thrive. An ecosystem is made up of different interacting and interconnecting parts where balance between the parts and the functionality of each one are vital to it’s success and survival. Eight system parts are highlighted that all work together to create the NServiceBus ecosystem that offer ease and reliability for integrations.

NService Bus Features

High Performance and Scalability

"Enterprise class" has become a buzzword to describe a platform that is able to handle large and complex systems with many users, systems, and changes. NServiceBus does this in multiple ways. Asynchronous messaging keeps communication from being blocked, allowing parallel processing and results in maximum throughput that can easily be configured, monitored and scaled. Support for Windows Failover Cluster provides scale-up, scale-out, and high availability. Close monitoring to detect weaknesses in resources and scale-up/scale-out implementation can be based on dependable information with performance counters. Verifying that the assumptions underlying scalability policies are met and implemented in production environments can be done with the ServicePulse production monitoring Custom Check feature. Finally, performance bottlenecks are visually detected with ServiceInsight, which displays patterns and performance outliers in messaging solutions in both a searchable and sortable way.

Reliable Integration with Automatic Retries

Multiple built-in configurable mechanisms are in place to ensure messaging solutions. These mechanisms are reliable transports, automated retries, failure notifications, failure detection, exceptional handling logic, reliable storage for failing/failed messages with transactional support, DevOps tooling for reprocessing resolved failures and custom checks that allow monitoring and notification of defined conditions not being met.

Workflow and Background Task Scheduling

The use of Sagas keeps integration from getting stuck by defining long running processes and enabling management capabilities. Asynchronous processing improves the user experience and performance.

Centralized Auditing of All Message Flows

Message auditing is built-in for every endpoint, easing parallel message-driven system debugging.

Publish/Subscribe Support for Reduced Coupling

Simple, easily defined, scalable and configurable.

Easy to Extend and Configure

Customization with multiple extension points and configuration points. This allows for different solutions to different needs.

Runs On-premise, in the Cloud, or in a Hybrid Scenario:

Flexibility to run your integration on-premise, in the cloud and to easily change to a different deployment.

Supports a Wide Range of Messaging Transports

MSMQ, SQL Server, RabbitMQ, Microsoft Azure Service Bus and Microsoft Azure Storage Queues are supported out of the box but custom and community developed transports are also supported options.

With their inaugural conference around the corner and more than 50,000 developers relying on NServiceBus every day, it is worth taking a look and seeing how it can help your integration project.

While there is excitement and anticipation for NSBCon 2014, take a look at your integration project and define the system parts that make up its ecosystem. Whether NserviceBus provides the tools and support for those systems or your solution lies elsewhere, the light in which Particular Software sees their platform is a great one to emulate.