Orchard: Customize with a Community-Driven CMS

Orchard for Custom eCommerce Web Development

Is Orchard the right content management system for your business?

Orchard Content Management System Free and open-source, the Orchard Project started in 2009 and is an extensible ASP.NET content management system. Full-time developers from Microsoft are affiliated with Orchard, though it is officially run by the Outercurve Foundation. Any developer can contribute to this collaboratively-focused CMS project, and new modules and plugins are being added every day by people across the globe. The Orchard Project aims to help the overall .NET and application industry by developing infrastructure and plugins that are widely compatible. The Orchard CMS is best for small companies looking to creatively customize their website while also contributing to a worldwide project.

Content Creation, Development, and Design at Your Fingertips

Orchard CMS puts small eCommerce teams at the forefront of innovation. This fledgling but highly customizable CMS is best for marketers with the technical background to imagine expansive possibilities. Marketers who are interested in working alongside a development team find that Orchard allows them to experiment with creating highly customized solutions on a community-based platform.

Customize with OrchardOrchard is more than a just a CMS that allows developers to quickly and efficiently build a website that meets a company's needs. Developers also see it as a community where they can make an impact by creating and publishing their own modules. If bugs are found or fixes are needed, developers can rely on a worldwide network of contributors who are more than willing to collaborate.

Design can be easily customized as well. With 99 themes and counting, designers can easily work within an existing theme or create and contribute their own overall site design. This allows designers complete freedom to create a site uniquely suited to their aesthetic needs.

A Closer Look at Orchard's Features

Orchard's unique features allow you to create a custom eCommerce website that meets your needs.

  • Module Library
  • Orchard has a library of over 535 modules for free download and use. Pick from their wide collection, which includes advanced menus, image galleries, and analytics tools, or contribute your own.

  • Robust Back-End Functionality
  • A developer’s CMS, the Orchard community has worked hard to create great back-end features such as logic rules and cloud compatibility.

  • Extensibility
  • After learning how Orchard works, developers will find it easy to extend the CMS, translating to limitless possibilities for module creation.

Clarity Can Help

Orchard CMS may have less out of the box functionality than more established CMS platforms, yet with the right development team, your eCommerce company can use Orchard to create not just any solution, but the right solution for you. Clarity has over a decade of experience building eCommerce websites on multiple platforms, and our Clarity eCommerce™ platform offers CMS independence so that you can work within any CMS or none at all. If you think Orchard CMS may be the right solution for your eCommerce website integration, contact us today!