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other scalable ecommerce solutions

As you scale your eCommerce storefront, there are several other scalability considerations. Read on for an overview.

Hosting Considerations for Scalability

You can either choose to host your eCommerce website on-premise, or use a hosting company. To decide which way to go, ask yourself if you want to be able to offer unlimited products/SKUs, whether your website has bandwidth limitations, and whether your software stores inventory within the program or whether it connects to an external database like SQL or Oracle.

Popular CDN Providers

Responsive design is generally the ultimate goal, but requires a more extensive budget than mobile-friendly development.

The Amazon CDN is one of the most popular CDNs, but Clarity can integrate your website with any CDN system. The most popular alternative to Amazon is Akamai, which provides a robust network of scalability and content delivery tools. Like Amazon, all content is delivered straight from the CDN cache, which significantly lightens the load for your website.

Scalable eCommerce Integration in Austin, TX

If you’re still confused, speak to a Clarity consultant about which eCommerce scalability solutions are right for you. We can perform load testing on your website to determine how well your website will stand up to a major traffic spike, and take it from there. We want to help you achieve maximum traffic, and then perform well when you achieve your scale. Contact a Clarity representative today to learn more.

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