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search api integrationSearch APIs pull the search functionality from popular search websites and allow you to tailor it for your own needs. Read on for an overview.

Search API for Shopping

One of the most powerful ways you can use a search API in your eCommerce website development plan is to help your customers shop. There are many search APIs you can integrate with your product catalog design to help with this, but one of the most manageable is Google’s Search API for Shopping. This API is specifically designed to help eCommerce store owners and their developers build creative applications that involve product data. Since it’s from Google, the API is optimized to deliver only the most relevant search results.

The Best Search API Providers

Both Bing and Google’s search APIs allow you to embed,
customize, and analyze search data on your site.

The best search APIs are from the names you might expect: Bing, Google, and Apple. Twitter is also great in many cases. Both Bing and Google’s search APIs allow you to embed, customize, and analyze search data on your site. Apple’s search API works a little differently, allowing you to embed a search in your website that specifically pulls from the Apple store. This API works well if you sell digital goods, like audiobooks or apps. Twitter’s API, on the other hand, pulls from a real-time index of Tweets on the topic(s) of your choice. This is useful if you want to share what people are saying about your company, a trend, or a product.

Other Search API Considerations

Think carefully about what your customers may want out of their eCommerce experience. Do they want to search by color, size, price or type of product? Do they want to use voice search? Do they want interactive features like the ability to answer questions that will “predict” what type of product they want? If you can imagine it, there’s a search API that can do it. Contact a Clarity representative today to learn more about search API integration.