Should You Use Translation Services For Your International eCommerce Implementation?

Pros and Cons of Translation Services for eCommerce

Translating your eCommerce site the right way

translation servicesOne of the biggest worries when trying to sell goods or services internationally is getting your message across in another language. You not only need the words to be translated correctly, but also the ideas and meanings behind your words. This is where translation services come in. Translation services help you translate your eCommerce site to other languages to make it easier for buyers in other regions and countries to purchase your goods online.

Types of Translation Services

After deciding to use translation services, the next step is deciding what kind of services to use. First, there are human translation services where a person fluent in both languages translates your website. Then there are translation software or machine translators which use software to change content from one language to another. Some software can be very standard, only changing words verbatim while others are programmed to decipher meanings from certain phrases and translate it in a way that reads more natural and less translated.

translatorPros of Translation Services

One of the most successful types of translation services is having a person fluent in the language of that region translate your website for you. This is the single best way to make sure that your message comes across correctly, fits with the local culture, and doesn’t sound like a word for word translation. Using this type of translation will ensure that the site sounds like it was written in the buyer’s native tongue and will make it easier for them to use and buy from. Well developed translation software can also lead to a site that is well translated and easy for the user to read and understand.

Cons of Translation Services

Some translation services can be costly. Having a human translator translate your entire eCommerce site can be extremely expensive. On the other hand, some can be cheap, but in most cases, you are getting what you pay for. Many times translation done with cheap software is most likely verbatim and won’t get your message across clearly. If you don’t vet your translator, translation software, or the reason that you need to translate your website first, translation could end up being a waste of time and money.

international ecommerceFinding the Right Balance

Before you go out and hire someone to start translating your site for every country you have every sold to, take a step back and take a few things into consideration. First consider how many sales that you have made or are hoping to make in each region. Next, think about the fact that they may have already bought from your site even though it hasn’t yet been localized. Were there any major issues? Did they have any complaints? Were they able to navigate your website easily? If you decide to use translation services, remember that you don’t have to have all of them professionally translated by a person. Consider having professionals translate your site for the regions that you are most optimistic about selling to. For other regions, use trusted translation software to do the job.

Clarity Can Help 

Our team at Clarity has worked with numerous clients who do online business internationally. We have also helped many clients branch into global eCommerce. We know what it takes for eCommerce websites to be successful in other countries and how translation can be a major factor in an eCommerce business’s success. To find out more about how Clarity can help your business do well in other countries, call or click to contact us today!