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If you're a medium-sized business or corporation without a strong social media presence, consider the following scenarios. Either you have not ventured into the major social networks and have non-existent profiles, or you have established said profiles yet they have become a ghost town due to a lack of engagement. In the current online landscape, it's clear that a strong social foundation can do a lot of good for a business (and yes, provide an ROI).

Social Media Campaign Management

Clarity Ventures is experienced in managing the social presence of companies across many channels. Since Clarity also has core competencies in custom website and backend development, our developers are able to effectively integrate social data into a company's systems.

Social engagement is more than profile setup and content creation. It's also about true engagement and listening to the market.

Facebook Management

Facebook Social Media Management CompanyFacebook has the most active users of any social network and is considered the most important to achieve a large fan count. This may or may not be true, but Facebook is definitely not to be ignored. If you have customers that are loyal to your brand and do not have a Facebook fan page, you're not only liable to lose their interest but you lose the opportunity of their support and sharing reach. Facebook's "Share" feature now allows any one of your fans to immediately forward your posts to their friends, creating a viral effect.

Twitter Management

Twitter Social Media Management CompanyTwitter is another extremely important channel and one with lots of opportunity lost if your business is not utilizing it. The opportunity with Twitter exists in its platform of plentiful short form content. However, a common mistake businesses make while managing a Twitter account is talking more than they listen. Twitter's advanced search feature allows anyone the ability to search for a wide variety of terms and post types, filtered by mood, location, and more. This is extremely powerful for businesses that want to reach out and extend to a larger audience. Once Twitter's search is used to determine what your market wants, it's easier to produce content that caters to those wants and gain more followers as a result.

Google+ Management

Google+ Social Media Management CompanyGoogle+ is also important to a social campaign. Your company's presence in the circles of your clients and potential customers is powerful. If a potential customer has you in one of their circles and they perform a Google search for something related to your business, in all likelihood your business will rank very high in that search result even if it doesn't normally rank high. This is called the personalization of the search results. Google+ brand pages are also important to have your identity established with Google and connected to the other Google properties.

Social Media Company in Austin, Texas

Clarity Ventures is a social marketing company with over 200 successful projects

There are plenty of other applicable social networks that are important to certain types of campaigns. Please contact Clarity if you have any questions.

Clarity Ventures is a social marketing company with over 200 successful projects. Clarity has experience managing social media campaigns with many involved channels. If you're interested in a social project for your company, you can contact us by filling out the form below or calling us at 800.928.8160.

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