MS SQL Server Replication and License Requirements

sql server replication basics

If you need to distribute data to a wide audience over a variety of browsers and locations, then SQL server replication will be a strong option. Below is an overview of SQL server replication basics, so you can decide if SQL server replication is the right option for your company.

What is SQL Server Replication?

SQL server replication is a technology set that allows you to copy and distribute data and database objects from one database to another. You can then synchronize between databases, which provides for consistency of information despite multiple browsers or area networks. One of the main reasons companies choose to implement SQL server replication is for the scalability; the more easily information can be accessed by the proper personnel, the better.

Types of SQL Server Replication

The main benefit of cloud hosting is that it’s highly scalable. This means as your business grows, so does the cloud. Storage, RAM, and CPU capacity can all be adjusted to meet your needs, and you can add functionality to your system as you see fit.

One of the main concerns of any eCommerce business is building an SEO-friendly website. But what is cloud hosting’s impact on SEO? In short, it There are three main types of SQL server replication: transactional replication, merge replication, and snapshot replication. Transactional replication is most common in server-to-server environments, and is especially good at handling incremental changes. Merge replication is used more often in server-to-client environments, and allows each subscriber to receive a different partition of data, which they can synchronize later. Finally, snapshot replication is best for infrequent changes or smaller chunks of data, allowing for basic changes with a low overhead.

SQL Server Replication Company in Austin, TX

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