Standardizing Product Data with Google Manufacturer Center

Google Manufacturer Center: Helping Provide Accurate Product Information 

The benefits of Google Manufacturer Center for customers and manufacturers

GoogleOnline shopping can sometimes be difficult for customers because they aren’t able to be physically next to the object, judging its size, seeing its actually color, touching it, and examining it closely. So the next best thing for online shoppers is the product descriptions and information provided on product listing pages. Shoppers want accurate product information, who better to provide that than the companies that manufactured those products? The answer: nobody. Google realized this fact and created Google Manufacturer Center. Below is an overview of what Google Manufacturer Center is and how it can benefit your customers and your manufacturing business.

What is Google Manufacturer Center? 

Google Manufacturer Center is a tool that allows product manufacturers to provide accurate descriptions and details of the products they manufacture to Google users. The goal of Google Manufacturer Center is to standardize product data to provide better information to Google shoppers. It works by having manufacturers upload or input product information and data directly into the Manufacturing Center or allowing a Google Shopping Partner to manage the product data that is input. Google then uses this information to show searchers more relevant results, display more appropriate ads, and help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.

Online ShoppingData for Customers

Google Manufacturer Center helps ensure that customers understand exactly what a product is, does, and looks like before they buy. By having the manufacturers provide product details and descriptions, Google knows that the information will be accurate as well as thorough. This helps ensure that the customer gets exactly what they are paying for, leading to a happy, satisfied, and hopefully repeat customer.

Benefits for Manufacturers

In additions to giving manufacturers better control over the product details and descriptions that are being presented, Google Manufacturing Center provides manufacturers with analytics about their products. Some of the analytics include how many times your product pops up in search results, how many times it is in ads, and also how many times it is clicked on it each of those instances. It also shows manufacturers how many times their products were clicked on in comparison to their competitors and their similar products. Google Manufacturing Center allows you to not only stay on top of how your products are depicted but also provides insight that will help you fine tune your details and descriptions.

Clarity Can Help

At Clarity, we know how important Google can be for every company, no matter if they are eCommerce or brick-and-mortar. Our team of expert developers and marketers has helped numerous clients improve their rankings on Google search and use Google Analytics to find out more about their customers, and Clarity eCommerce was designed with manufacturers and distributors in mind. As Google continues to expand their tools and offerings, our team stays up to date on the latest innovative offerings to provide our clients with the best options and services to improve their businesses. To find out more about using Google Manufacturer Center or for help getting started, call or click to contact us today!