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Perfecting the User Interface for Subscription eCommerce 

Utilizing the user interface for greater customer satisfaction in subscription based eCommerce

subscription eCommerceeCommerce subscription based products and services are quickly becoming the latest trend (or fad) in online shopping. From makeup samples to snack boxes, subscriptions have turned into a staple in the eCommerce realm. Although there are many differences, one thing that doesn’t separate subscription eCommerce from regular eCommerce is customer website expectations. No matter if customers are making a onetime purchase or are signing up for monthly deliveries, they expect an excellent user experience and user interface (UI). Perfecting an easy-to-use interface that allows the customer to manage their accounts, orders, and settings helps ensures that your customers keep subscribing for more.

Profile Management 

When you make a onetime purchase from an eCommerce store, customers input their name, address, and billing information or at least look over it if they have already created a profile with that online store. With subscription eCommerce, customers fill out that information one time and then expect products or services for the next three, six, or twelve months. However, sometimes their information changes between their first and last shipment which is why it’s imperative for subscription businesses to have user interfaces that allow customers to easily manage their profiles at any time. Emails letting customers know that their product is about to ship and asking them if their information is still correct while providing a link to their profile if they need to change it helps ensure that the customer gets what they paid for and continues to stay satisfied. Below is an example of the UI Clarity created for a subscription eCommerce client. This is the dashboard of their account profile, and below this the customer can update all their profile information including personal information, shipping addresses, and payment profiles, view downloaded materials, or see their previous orders.Subscription eCommerce account UI

UpgradesUpgrades and Add-Ons 

A unique attribute that many eCommerce subscription services offer is upgrades. From a more advanced membership to special add-ons, upgrades make businesses more money and make customers feel like they are getting more out of their subscriptions. Including an easy, one-click upgrade button on customer’s account profile page gives them easy access to upgrade when and if they want to. Also, displaying a list of add-ons on the side of checkout pages works well to entice impulse buyers to spend a little extra and make them feel like they are getting more bang for their buck.

Checkout & Payment 

subscription eCommerce checkout UIOne of the biggest issues that subscription based eCommerce services face is collecting payment. Whether your business charges customers monthly or once a year, you will come across numerous occasions where customers’ credit cards have expired or their information has changed. Services like Visa Account Updater and MasterCard Account Updater provide you with customers’ updated card information. Automatically plugging this data into your system and the user interface that the customer will see when they log on saves the customer from having to manually update it and ensures that you get paid on time and will continue to get paid for the product and services you are providing. To the right is an example of a Clarity built subscription checkout UI that presents all the relevant information to the client's customer in a clean, easy to use interface. All of the steps are laid out in a progress bar at the top that lets the customer know what to expect while guiding them through to a successful sale.

Clarity Can Help 

While subscription eCommerce isn’t a new idea, the popularity of it is. At Clarity, we stay on top of the latest eCommerce trends so we can provide our customers with the best services and development for their eCommerce needs. Our team of development experts has helped numerous clients implement and maintain their subscription based eCommerce sites and user interfaces. To find out more about subscription based eCommerce or to speak with an expert about improving your user interface, call or click to contact us today!