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International eCommerce and Customs, Duties, and Taxes

Tips for dealing with international taxes, customs, and duties in eCommerce

International eCommerceChoosing to sell your products and services internationally can be a large undertaking. Setting up your eCommerce site to accept multicurrency and making your site multilingual are just two of the necessary steps to selling globally. Another important area that needs to be addressed is how to handle taxes, customs, and duties. Different countries and regions each have their own rules regarding taxes, customs and duties. You also have to decide who will be in charge of paying those fees. Below are a few tips and suggestions to help you handle the taxes, customs, and duties that come with selling internationally.

Know the Rules 

The first step when dealing with taxes and customs is to research the rules for each region that you will be selling in. Every country has its own regulations and laws that deal with the import of goods. You will also need to follow your home country’s laws regarding exporting goods. Knowing what is required of you as a business as far as customs and duties goes helps ensure that your goods make it to your customers’ doorsteps.


Handling taxes internationally can be a very tricky thing, especially considering the fact that each country, region or state can levy its own taxes. Choosing and integrating tax support that is capable of calculating taxes for all the countries that your eCommerce business sells to will help you easily charge your customers the correct taxes at the time of checkout.

Customs and Duties

Customs and duties are two hurdles that come with selling goods internationally. Integrating your eCommerce platform with customs and duties tools and support can help you navigate customs forms and duty charges. The integration can allow you to autofill customs forms after someone has placed an order, saving your staff from having to manually create customs forms for every international purchase. Integration can also help you handle duties, whether you are having the customer pay the duties at the time of checkout, having the shipping provider bill them when their package arrives in their region, or having your business absorb the costs.

International eCommerce platformInternational eCommerce Platform

One of the best ways to help make selling internationally easier is to pick a platform that was built to handle global eCommerce. Some eCommerce platforms, including Clarity eCommerce, have built in tax support with real time tax calculations and taxing the buyer according the country or region that they are in. A global eCommerce platform will also be capable of seamlessly integrating with customs and duties tools. Built-in support and integrated tools keep your employees from having to manually perform customs and duties processes, saving your resources and allowing you to take on more international business.

Clarity Can Help 

At Clarity, we understand the risks and rewards that come with selling on a global scale. Our team of expert developers has helped numerous companies take their eCommerce businesses international. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce, has the capabilities and support to make selling internationally much easier. From tax support to customs and duties integration, Clarity has you covered. To find out more about how to handle taxes, customs and duties or to speak with an expert about integrating and automating those procedures, call or click to contact us today!