The B2B eCommerce Website Platform Your Business Needs

The All In One eCommerce Website Solution

Part four of a four-part series about website development for B2B eCommerce

The Right B2B eCommerce Website Platform: Clarity eCommerce

Clarity Venture's eCommerce solution We at Clarity understand your B2B eCommerce needs, which is why we have developed a platform to satisfy them. Our Clarity eCommerce platform is able to integrate with your business to help you increase productivity and revenue. Integrating your CRM and ERP software with your eCommerce website allows your people to easily acquire the information they need to make better decisions and more sales. Our platform integration enables you to focus on your business without worrying about your team having the right information because it is available at their fingertips.

B2B eCommerce Platform Integrated with Your Business

You need an eCommerce platform that integrates with your business effortlessly. The Clarity B2B eCommerce Solution is your answer. Clarity has built extensive APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) into the framework of our eCommerce platform. APIs let software and applications send information and interact with each other. The APIs allow applications to do all the necessary work, such as validating credit card information, and communicate with other applications without the need for any human intervention. Clarity has made their APIs available to their clients so they can choose to work on their integration themselves, or they can allow our team at Clarity to do a custom integration for their business.

Clarity Connect: Your Middleware Solution

eCommerce middleware layer integrationFor our clients that would like our developers to help with their integration, we recommend and offer Clarity Connect to integrate your business with your eCommerce platform. Clarity Connect is a robust middleware layer that connects any of your business applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM or any ERP or CRM, with your B2B eCommerce website. This layer allows your data to be safely transferred between your external website and your internal software. Clarity Connect is a great tool to use to easily integrate your business. An added bonus of Clarity Connect is that it is available as an extension to our Clarity eCommerce platform. Clarity Connect and the Clarity eCommerce platform are designed to work well together to provide our clients with ideal integrations.

Clarity Can Help

When choosing a B2B eCommerce platform, you need to look for certain key components. The e Commerce business platform that you choose needs to be B2B and enterprise ready, flexible, customizable, scalable and extensible. Your platform also needs to be natively global and multilingual as well as integrated with your business. Clarity’s eCommerce platform fits all of these criteria. The Clarity eCommerce platform can be easily integrated with your business because of our robust APIs and our middleware layer, Clarity Connect. Our platform can be customized to fit your B2B company’s needs. Our B2B eCommerce Development Team at Clarity have built hundreds of custom eCommerce websites for our clients. To find out more about how Clarity can help your B2B eCommerce, call or click to contact us today!