The Benefits of HTML5: How HTML5 Can Improve Your Website

An Overview of HTML5

How HTML5 can improve your website

HTML5 for Web DevelopmentHTML5

HTML5 is the fifth version of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It offers developers a meaningful way to create web applications that conform to both desktop and mobile browsers. HTML5 advancements allow for new capablilites, such as streaming video and audio as well as more integration with device specific tools and storage capacity. Companies looking to stay on the cutting-edge of web development should consider using it for their websites.

Advanced Features of HTML 5

Though HTML5 is not yet fully adopted, it was created to suit the needs of the internet. Here is what it offers and why you should start incorporating it.

Video and Audio Support

For years, Flash players were used to play both audio and video on websites. HTML5 has new audio and video tags that replace the need for Flash players. The tags essentially treat video and audio as images, eliminating the hassles of more code. Like an image, the attributes, such as height and width, can be adjusted in the tag.

Cleaner Code

In older versions of HTML, divs and classes were used for blocks of content. More ID attributes were added to further describe and format the content.


Because of the new tags, such as nav and footer tags, screen readers can access web content much more easily. Prior to this, even with a div tag, there was not a way for screen readers to easily differentiate between some page elements

Mobile Compatibility

With mobile becoming much more popular, the the benefit of HTML5 is that it is mobile ready for developing a website. Mobile browsers have already fully adopted HTML5, so designing is much more convenient.

Using HTML5

HTML5 is not only great to use for web development, but it is also becoming the new standard. Given that websites are getting much more sophisticated and that the amount of information being transmitted is growing, HTML5 can help developers code with Internet trends and changes in mind. Many have been skeptical about transitioning to HTML5, but in reality it is a very simple adjustment and overall much more user friendly. HTML5 provides all the necessities to create highly responsive, presentable websites. This will allow businesses to deliver content and a great user experience to meet the demands and needs of their customers.

Developing with HTML5 can reduce development time. HTML5 is also compatible with nearly all browsers and mobile, allowing developers to focus more on writing functionalities rather than making adjustments for different platform requirements. HTML5 also works very well CSS3, a new version of CSS. In combination with CSS3, developers can use HTML5 to create lightweight code for sleek website design.

Clarity Can Help

If you are still curious about HTML5 and would like to learn more about how it can be applied to your business, contact us for a free consultation. Our experts are ready to help you address your unique business needs.

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